How to Entertain Yourself at Home When Netflix is Getting Meh

Yeah, you watched “Tiger King.” And “Love is Blind.” And every other binge-able show you could find to stream. But if you’re like us, all that TV watching is getting Booo-ring with a capital B. So we rounded up more unexpected entertainment essentials from our SwearBy community, from a best-selling coloring book for grown-ups (sooo relaxing!) to an inspiring podcast to listen to when you’re finally organizing that closet.

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

When I’m overwhelmed and need to stop thinking, I color. I can stop and pick it up whenever the mood strikes, and there’s something about reverting back to a childhood pastime that comforts me. This beautifully illustrated books was one of the first ones I bought—it’s filled with tons of detail and patterns that are a joy to fill in.” — Katie Macdonald

Goal Digger The Podcast

“Jenna Kutcher is such a ray of sunshine. Her podcast has amazing guest covering everything from business to self-growth. I’ve binge listened this podcast while commuting, working and playing with my kids. I love her words of wisdom and self-love wisdom.” — Susan Hay

Culture Memory Game

“This is my go-to housewarming present for guests of all ages. Based on the template of a game of memory, the images are beautiful and expand the entire family’s knowledge of art, history and culture. Published by The School of Life, a delightful hub that fosters emotional intelligence and accessibility to the arts.” —Sasha Wallinger

Insight Timer Meditation App

“I’ve done Transcendental Meditation (TM) for four years and I do it every morning. On a good day, I’ll do it twice, and on a red carpet day, I will always make time for an afternoon session. A session lasts 20 minutes but the app will chime to bring you out of the mediation and keep track of your daily progress. Today, I got an alert that I completed 100 consecutive days, and it felt amazing. I love TM because it’s forgiving and accepts that your mind will wander, and when I emerge I feel so much more centered. I swear by it before the red carpet because it puts me in a frame of mind where I’m like, okay, I can do this.” —Emmanuelle Chriqui


“I work from home and am a mom of a an active little boy. So I really wanted to find a fitness program that I could fit into my schedule. Aaptiv offers it all and is on-demand, so you can use this inside at a gym or outside in your backyard or park. It’s kept me motivated and in shape. I swear that you’ll love it too!”  —Jen Stewart

Fancyskin Sunflowers Paint by Numbers Kit

“Paint by numbers kits aren’t just for kids. I passed many hours happily painting my own masterpiece thanks to this detailed kit that comes with acrylic paints, brushes, and a professional-looking linen canvas. Even without any experience, you can harness your inner Monet and paint a real work or art.” — Christie Calucchia

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