How I'm Surviving Pregnancy Skin

I miss wine. And sushi. But most of all, I miss retinol. Pregnancy has been 99% easy for me, so I really can't complain. I've felt great and really haven't had to google too many mysterious symptoms. But between going off of my birth control pill (after 12+ years), a surge in pregnancy hormones, and the added stress of it all, I've been looking less glowy goddess and more pubescent teen, with breakouts to rival my worst junior high moments, paired with a side of drier-than-normal skin. To top it all off, I can't even rely on my typical products to keep everything in check, as they're not all pregnancy-safe. However, after some experimenting, I have found some go-to products that are working for me in this phase to camouflage the blemishes, moisturize the dry, and fake a bit of that glow I feel I'm owed.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer

Life. Changing. A friend lent me some concealer when I was heading to a black tie event and suffering from a hormonal breakout. I was layering on some concoction of stick + powder, and when I tried this cream concealer, it was 100x better. The coverage is amazing and lasts for a really long time. Honestly, this can hide a blemish SO well, it’s shocking. Can’t recommend highly enough!

BareMinerals Illuminating Mineral Veil Translucent Powder

My skin fluctuates, and I don’t like to wear a lot of face makeup. (I am either fighting a breakout and need to let it breathe, or it looks great, and I want to show it off and keep it that way!). I found this years ago and absolutely LOVE it. You can lightly dust this powder all over your face, either as a finishing step on top of concealer + other makeup, or alone. I get the Illuminating shade, and it just makes you glow without adding sparkle or shimmer to your face. Sometimes I use it as eyeshadow when I want a bit of brightening but don’t want to look like I’m wearing any makeup. I wear this product every single day and absolutely swear by it.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Facial Oil

I LOVE this product. I am admittedly a frequent Sephora sampler, believing you should be able to try out a product and see if and how it works for you before committing. I’ve never tried something that showed results so quickly (like, the next day!) and continued to perform effectively after extended repeated use. I am terribly prone to those worry lines between the brows, and using this serum at night improves them noticeably. I am totally addicted and in love.

Belly Oil

I’m halfway through my first pregnancy, and I’ve been eager to find safe, effective, and beautiful products to support the pregnancy and my quickly changing body. The options are overwhelming, and I love knowing that everything from HATCH is preg-friendly. I also am hesitant to add to much clutter to an already small manhattan apartment that will soon be inhabited by one more person, so I’m really only investing in multi-purpose products that I’ll continue to use and love after bebe joins us. A friend gifted this to me, and I’m obsessed. It works so well, offering luxurious moisture that lasts. Plus, it looks super cute on my nightstand.

After 10 years working as a fashion designer, Kelsey left the corporate world to launch her own collection of feminine, functional activewear - BELLE FORCE - in 2017. With a ballet inspiration, commitment to using high-end, performance materials, and a passion for NYC and the Manhattan garment manufacturing industry, the product embodies the name and ethos of the brand - celebrating beautiful strength. As a small business owner and, recently, mom-to-be (due March '19!), there is no time (or space!) in life for products that don't live up to their promises. Kelsey is sharing (and hunting for) those items she has found to be effective, accessible, safe and beautiful!