How I Use Pinterest To Reinvent My Clothes That I Swear By

Like most people, I am an active Pinterest User (@biancadag ;) ). I use it for motivation and inspiration pretty much everyday, particularly though when I feel like I'm in a creative slump. To get myself out of these dreaded and mundane ruts, I go to Pinterest to inspire a style change to reignite my unique, creative drive. Depending on different phases or seasons I'm going through, I search different things. For example, when I'm trying to step-up my fitness game, I search for new sneakers that'll bring my gym and athleisure style to the next level. That's how I found my Adidas Alphabounce sneakers that I cannot live without. From there, it sparked a few other additional purchases like a few pairs of leggings and tops that I see other pins pair these awesome shoes with. Sometimes I have a specific piece in mind that I want to get inspired by. Recently, I borrowed my older sister's leather jacket and felt my confidence level get a MASSIVE internal boost; I felt fresh, classic, and unstoppable. So, searching for leather jacket inspirations on Pinterest led me to realize that I *had* to have one with a dark, olive green hue, which I ended up finding one I loved on Forever 21 for under $20 on sale. Then there's the times where I have an item in hand, but have no idea how to style it. This has been the case with several items I got, but my Wear Lively Bralette was something I had no experience with. To find the perfect way to wear it, I searched bralette inspo on Pinterest, which totally blew my mind. I found fun, creative ways to wear the bralette for athleisure and cozy looks for fall, and even some future styling ideas for how to wear it in the warmer Summer months. Using Pinterest as a fun-visual social media tool is great, but using it as a personal-styling tool has totally changed my wardrobe game.


The Pinterest App is super functional and easy-to-use. It allows me to easily do everything I want to do online with the ease of accessing it on my phone.

Adidas Women's Alphabounce 1 Sneakers

These shoes are perfect for the gym, for a road run, or if you’re just going for that athleisure look. They’re extremely comfortable and have great support. At UConn, I’d have to walk crazy far to get from class to class, and it was made very clear by the pain in my feet, shins, and back that I needed really supportive shoes. But me being the #styleicon that I am, I needed a shoe that also looked really cool and that I loved. So, not only did I purchase this pair for myself, my awesome boyfriend got me a pair in a super neon green/yellow that ~really~ make a statement. There’s so many colors but each option is great. ONE NOTE: they run big. I got mine a whole half size down, and so did my sister and her boyfriend!

Forever 21 Faux Leather Combo Jacket

I’m pretty new to the leather jacket wearing game – I borrowed my sister’s jacket one day and knew I wanted to go out of my fashion comfort zone and try one out for myself. I swearby this jacket though because it was the perfect combination of a hoodie and a leather jacket. It’s removable cotton hood makes it effortlessly chill when paired with the olive green faux-leather. This jacket also is really great quality (which can be hit or miss sometimes when you’re shopping around Forever 21) at a really great price, so there’s no need to drop your last paycheck on a really expensive one. Also, the olive green is a great color for fall, spring, and winter.

WearLively Bralette Tops

I have a super simple black bralette that is the comfiest thing ever. It’s light yet supportive. I love to wear it under a sweater, a dress, or even as a sports bra for lighter yoga! Such a big fan of this every-day staple.

UConn grad, always trying to be expressive and creative in everything I do! I have an amazing family who motivate me every day to push myself to live my best life possible, so a lot of swears are inspired by them.