This App Helps Me Unwind and Keeps Me Motivated

Need help unwinding? I know I do. No matter how much yoga I do or how many CBD gummies I take, at the end of the day, stress is not the easiest thing to get rid of. We all know that our brain is a powerful tool and capable of almost anything, but every now and then it can use a little boost and support. Enter: Headspace

The Headspace app is my go-to for guided meditations, feel-good workouts, confidence-boosting pep talks, and even playlists for focus. During times of heightened stress and anxiety, I like having all I need in one app. Can’t sleep at night? The sleep section has meditations and nighttime stories that guide you back to your slumber. Do you have a big work presentation on the horizon and feel frozen? There are 5-minute calming meditations to help you control your breath and bring a sense of calm. Out for a run and don’t think you can finish the mile? Go to the exercise section and pick a guide that will encourage you during your last stretch and help you reframe how you think about exercise. (Yes, these are all scenarios I’ve been in.) 

Headspace has a paid version and a free version. I’ve used both, and while I suggest getting the paid version for access to all types of perks, such as playlists curated by St. Vincent and pep talks from Kevin Hart, the free one is also good if you’re on a budget. The free version has a small selection of guided meditations you can listen to, which can become repetitive if you listen to them frequently enough, but they’ll do the job if you simply need help falling back to sleep on occasion. 

I’m a better person when my mind’s at ease, and considering how much this app helps to keep my stress levels down and my sleep pattern consistent, paying the $12.99 a month is a no-brainer. Unlike other apps, this one has a huge variety of types of meditations you can choose from at varying lengths and styles. A guided, spoken meditation works well for me some days, but on others I just need a blend of nature sounds and organ chords to soothe my thoughts—Headspace does it all.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Headspace

Headspace App

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