Hair Colorist Amanda George Swears By These Gamechangers

With a royal wedding in the works and a certain Netflix series consuming our free time, who says we’ll never be royals? Yes, we’ve got crown-on-the-brain, and that’s okay, because British-born celebrity hair colorist Amanda George believes that we each have an inner royal. So much so that she named her Beverly Hills hair salon and lifestyle brand ROIL (“a little bit ROYAL with a touch of OIL”), delivering us a dose of style and indulgence befitting a queen. Amanda is a mom (mum!) to two teenage boys and a straight-shooter with discerning tastes. As busy as she is, Amanda always finds time to entertain, gathering amazing groups of people for home-cooked meals in the Brentwood pad that she shares with her husband and kids. She’s also known for her just-right TV recommendations, because even a royal appreciates some downtime (reruns of Suits, anyone?). Here, Amanda shares some of the things that she Swears By.

Eve Lom Cleanser

I’ve used this for 15 years and I keep going back to it. It removes everything at once, without irritating my sensitive eyes. And I love that it’s slightly exfoliating. I have ‘mature’ skin and it has kept me looking, well, young.

ROIL Beauty

Of course I recommend my own products. I’ve loved and have used essential oils forever. They have so many uses, internally and externally—as protection, as moisturizer, added to drinks. I blended together essential oils with cruelty-free, organic ingredients for my collection which includes this body lotion. It smells incredible and leaves skin nourished and glowing.

Hanacure All in One Facial

I received this as a gift and have used it so many times. Hanacure has a cult-like following and I completely understand why. This anti-aging facial is instant gratification; you see lifted, glowing results immediately. Perfect before you go out for an evening.

Soupelina's Soup Cleanse: Plant-Based Soups and Broths to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Transform Your Life: Elina Fuhrman

I was given this book, and then I happened to meet the author, Elina. I think this cleanse represents a perfect way to check in with yourself when you feel like you’ve been over-indulging or going out to dinner too much. It’s a great ‘reset’ button. I’ve given this book to almost 20 people. I’m always on the go, and with these recipes, I can make an easy soup and have a few days of lunches and dinners on hand for myself and my husband.

SCOSCHE MAGVM2B MagicMount Magnetic Phone Mount

This is a non-negotiable. I can’t live without it, especially in LA. It makes it easy to have a view of your phone GPS in the car and it’s probably saved my life more than once. Literally.

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