Hair Accessories You'll Actually Use

Full disclosure: I do *not* have good hair. It’s verrrry flat and verrrry lifeless and can be stringier than a pasta shop if I don’t put some effort into it. And since the pandemic WFH situation began, I have not put any effort into it. I don’t think I’m alone in this. 


There’s only one way to salvage it quickly for a Zoom meeting, and that’s popping in a gorgeous hair accessory. Much like a queen’s crown, these serve to alert my virtual colleagues that I, too, am doing just! Fine! Thank! You! But also: they put a smile on my face, which is even more important. Here, a few hair baubles that are beloved by SwearBy’s editors, all of whom have much, much better hair situations than me.

Donni Silk Chiquita

Made in Los Angeles, these fancified scrunchies have a Hollywood starlet’s grace. “I love these beautiful scrunchies,” says Ashleigh Bergman. “Donni is always coming out with new fabrics, prints, and I was able to get mine monogrammed as well.” See? Star power.

Loveshackfancy Frontier Velvet Scrunchies

When multiple stylish ladies ballyhoo a hair product, you *know* it’s good. These scrunchies, from ultra-romantic and feminine brand Loveshackfancy (it’s right there in the name!) are beloved for good reason. “These are my go to when I just don’t have time to do my hair but have to look put together!” says Colleen Collins. Another beautifully locked SwearBy editor, Kate Salley, goes for them for old school reasons. “I think scrunchies are still the best! And they are perfect to throw your hair up at night because they don’t damage your hair.” Call them a win-win. 

Kristin Ess Matte Black French Pin Set

These are branded as “game-changers” for tossing your mane into a chic bun, and honestly, we believe them. “These simple little pins are an easy way to throw your hair up into a bun, and they look ever so much more put together than a clippee or ponytail holder!” says Jennings Ross. Honestly, the more I can look like Audrey Hepburn post-makeover in 1957’s film “Funny Face”, the better. 

MetaGrip Black Premium Bobby Pins

If you’re constantly losing bobby pins (guilty!), may we suggest these Japan-made versions? “I have a lot of hair,” says Claudia Tang. “These are really good bobby pins that don’t snag my hair, scrape my scalp, lose their coating super fast, or quickly get bent open and out of shape. Plus they’re not expensive, and you get so many in a sturdy bin. I haven’t had to re-buy this often (since they don’t bend out of shape so easily) but it’s the brand I always go to for now.”

Goody Ouchless Forever Elastic Hair Ties

I have never, ever found elastic hair ties that last. But social media maven Margaraet Flores has. “I love these!” she says of these numbers, which have a 16-strand inner core for extra durability. “They never lose elasticity and gives my ponytail a little extra oomph.” Oomph! That’s exactly what I need.

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