Good-For-You Products that Busy Yoga Mom Heidi Kristoffer Swears By

Heidi Kristoffer, founder of the cult-favorite yoga fusion program CrossFlowX™, may be an accidental yogi. Previously an actress, athlete, and self-professed "gym rat", Heidi happened upon her first yoga class when she relocated to a new NYC neighborhood and the only local fitness option was a yoga studio. She "reluctantly" went, and recalls, "halfway through the class, I'm dripping with sweat and unreasonably happy." Never one to do things halfway, Heidi was hooked, sometimes going to yoga class several times a day, using her set breaks from her long-term gig on As The World Turns to take a quick class. Certification soon followed. "I wasn't flexible but I was strong, especially in my brain, and that's all that counts," says Heidi. "I'm a big believer that strength and flexibility both start and end in the mind. If you can become flexible in your mind you will become flexible in your body. And vice versa." It wasn't just the flows that drew Heidi to yoga  ̶  it was the philosophy, too. Despite being a very employed actor, Heidi started to tire of the appearance-centric rat race. "You may not get a role because you're not blonde or brunette enough, not tall or short enough. But yoga teachings say that the universe creates you to be perfect. In yoga, you are enough, exactly as you are." Soon, Heidi was making a popular series of yoga videos for and experimenting with other exercise styles to create yoga "mashups." Studios started calling for her fusion fitness and Heidi's following grew. "I thought I was creating a program for yogis who needed cardio, but a lot of my students were fitness lovers who needed yoga." Her program, CrossFlowX™, fuses power yoga with high intensity interval training (HIIT) and moves matched with rapid-fire breathing to shred, tone, and build strength. She's the "after" picture of her own creation, crediting CrossFlowX™ with helping her shed 65 pounds of post-baby weight. Now, Heidi's taking CrossFlowX™ to the national stage, partnering with NEOU to offer live streamed and on-demand classes. As a fitness guru and mom to three-year-old twins and a year-old baby, our ears perk up when Heidi mentions what she swears by. Here, Heidi shares some of the healthy, clean and non-toxic, time-saving Swears that she relies on to keep her busy and fit life moving forward.

SOS Hydration Sports Electrolyte Drink Powder

“As a breastfeeding mama who loves to sweat, I wouldn’t be able to do most of what I do without my SOS. It kept me hydrated throughout my pregnancy, keeping cramps and muscle spasms at bay, and now, it keeps my milk supply up. Prior to this pregnancy, I noticed that if I consumed SOS, my mind would be much sharper, and the fog I sometimes felt would be lifted. Of course, when hydrated, my whole body functions better, so, now I can’t imagine my life without SOS! Super bonus: if you drink this stuff after a night of alcohol, you won’t feel hung over!”

PurifyLifeStill Point Inducer Neck Stretcher

“There is nothing better than a yummy savasana neck rub, am I right? When you lie down on a Still Point Inducer (right on the occipital ridge), it has that same, delicious, calming effect. This tiny little tool (dubbed “the red boobs” by my husband) lengthens out my neck, reduces my neck pain, shoulder pain, and relaxes me in no time flat. This was first recommended to me by my physical therapist, Toni McGinley, over a decade ago, when we were working on fixing my then straight cervical spine. I now recommend it to many of my private yoga clients, and it makes all of the difference!”

Derma E Hydrating Facial Wipes

“Clean beauty face wipes that take off make up for cameras AND clean my face, AND leave it feeling good?! Yes, please! These wipes are my daily go to. They truly remove everything without irritating my skin. I take them with me everywhere. Such a time saver, and such an inexpensive, great product.”

Previnex Probiotic

“This probiotic makes my digestion so much better, and my tummy so much flatter, more calm, and happier! I am so impressed by all of the research that goes into all of the Previnex products, and their probiotic is my absolute favorite. When you are on camera in spandex most days, you don’t have time for a bloated tummy, so I swearby Previnex probiotic for keeping it flat!”

Sakara Beauty Water Concentrates

“Every time I drink this beauty water, people remark on how incredible my skin looks. I have had people tell me it makes me look tan! It gives my skin such a glowy, hydrated appearance, which is everything if I don’t feel like wearing makeup! As a mama to three 3-and-under, I don’t have time for a long makeup routine, and as a fitness instructor who loves to sweat, it’s just not practical to wear that much.”

Acure Organics Dry Shampoo, 1.7 oz, Powder

“This dry shampoo is amazing, clean, and effective! No time to shower, wash, and blow dry your hair every day? No problem with this dry shampoo powder. It’s super light, so you can take it with you anywhere easily. It doesn’t diminish the shine of your hair (like some dry shampoo powders do), and it doesn’t leave build up. Perfect for extra busy mamas, humans, or fitness lovers!”

Morpher Folding Helmet

“This helmet changed living in NYC for me completely. I am all over the city, most days, and the subways can be overwhelming with all of the crazy energy there, so when CitiBike came around, that became my main form of transportation. Carrying around a helmet can be a drag, so sometimes I would forgo CitiBike since I hadn’t brought one. Now, with this folding Morpher helmet, that fits into most of my bags, I am always covered!”

TruWomen Plant Fueled Protein Bars, Oh Oh Cookie Dough

“I have been looking for a good vegan protein bar that TASTES GOOD and actually has significant protein for more than a decade. I finally found it in TRUWOMEN!!!!! Not only are these better-than-candy-bar-DELICIOUS (my fave flavors are Oh Oh Cookie Dough, Saltylicious Almond, and Daydreaming About Donuts), they have 12g of protein and no bad-for-you ingredients that cause bloating or worse. I am SO THRILLED that I finally found the perfect protein bar, because it totally stinks to have to eat ones that don’t taste good, or make your tummy bloated, simply because you are on the go and cannot sit down for a meal right that moment. Warning: these are addictive!”

Photo credit: All photos Michelle Rose Photography

EO Deodorant Wipes Lavender

“It’s hard enough to find a non-toxic deodorant that works, so that I found one that I can stash in any of my bags in case of emergency (as in: I was so tired from kiddos, and rushed to get out of my apartment, that I forgot to put on deodorant, and I’m teaching), is life changing! These individually wrapped wipes are perfect for on the go: if you forgot deodorant, or you don’t have time to shower after a sweaty class, or for travel.”


“I am SO grateful, with my three kiddos 3-and-under, plus teaching all over NYC, that I can hop onto NEOU any time, any where, and get in a workout of any kind for any length of time. I have been doing video works outs for a long, long time, and their production quality is the best I have seen. Their instructors are incredible, and they even have meditation and physical therapy in addition to all of the traditional workouts you could imagine. You can do CrossFlowX™ with me, boxing with someone else, and kettle bells with one of the most famous fitness faces around! You can do it on your computer, television, or mobile device. NEOU literally takes all the excuses away, and I am so grateful that CrossFlowX™ will be available in Jan ’19, and that I get to use it any time I need!”

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?