Glow-Boosting Beauty Products for Winter

You know those women that just gloooow? Women like permanently pretty Gwyneth Paltrow, who claims radiance comes from jade rollers and soaking oneself in valerian root—and not bajillions in the bank? I am so not them. Especially as cool weather descends (and the furnace gets cranked up), my pasty Irish skin can look, well, like dried paste. That’s where glow-boosting beauty products come in. 


I’m personally a major fan of Supergoop’s Glowscreen sunscreen—which I read about on SwearBy and have zero regrets buying, as it allows me to wipe on the Gwyneth effect in mere seconds as I trudge out the door. But the rest of these beloved products are now on my list. Bless y’all! My long line of O’Shea ancestors are sooooo jelly.

GOOPGENES All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream

Ok, you know after dragging Gwyneth I’d have to begin with one of her products. The girl does her research, and reviews are five star. Take what Christine Morrison says of this illuminating moisturizer. “With an undeniably rich texture that feels smooth and silky – rather than heavy – Goop Genes is the perfect complement to my skincare regimen. I currently use at night, but expect to use in the morning as well once dry winter skin arrives; Goop Genes leaves skin supple and ready for makeup.” If Blythe Danner isn’t in your gene pool, it’s worth considering.

Beautycounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage

For anyone who opts for easy over not-so-easy, may we introduce this light foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen combo? (Yes, that’s three steps of your beauty routine culled into one). “It’s super lightweight AND it has zinc-based SPF,” says Bailey Smith. “I love to throw it on when I need just a little extra coverage each day.” Says Michelle Phillips: “I’m not a huge makeup person, but I love this product! Dew Skin provides light coverage, protects your skin from the elements with an SPF 20, and isn’t full of nasty ingredients… Bonus! I swear my skin looks brighter when I wear Dew Skin.” Did we mention it contains vitamin C? 

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial

There are dozens—dozens!—of rave reviews for this at-home face face mask on the SwearBy site as of press time, and more than 2,000 five star reviews on Sephora’s. “One of the best masks ever!! You see immediate results,” says Katie Stauffer. “ It has totally transformed my skin!” says Lauren Kay Soufleries, who uses it once a week. I think Helen Rosner says it best: It’s “Like a zamboni for your skin: all the deadness, all the dryness, all the dullness just gets blasted away. A perfect, perfect mask.” In short: it works as hard as you do.

Jergens Natural Glow Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer for Face with Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Fair to Medium Skin Tones, 2 Ounces

Full disclosure: I wrote this swear. But honestly, in the Zoom era, using this stuff saaaaves me. When I use it, I look more like I just got off a yacht in St. Barths and less like I’ve been sitting on my sofa hiding from forest fires and Covid for six months. As I originally wrote: “Mmmmmkay, this is Embarassing with a capital E. But the reason I’m obsessed with this product is COLTON UNDERWOOD. Yes, the male star of The Bachelor. I always feel prettier with a slight tan, but *actual* tans (i.e., skin damage–cough–cancer–cough) scare me. Colton once said he uses this, and I saw it at Target and thought, ‘Why not!’ Reader: it’s perfect. Gradually gives me a sexy glow that’s a major mood boost, especially on gray days.” 

Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40

I can affirm that this stuff adds a little shimmer to your face in all the right ways. “I use sunscreen religiously—apply it every day, people!—and don’t use foundation or powder for my complexion,” says Lauren Phillips. “This primer offers the sun protection I need (SPF 40!) and gives me a dewy glow that makes it look like I actually did put makeup on. Best of all, if you do wear makeup, Glowscreen works as a primer to help keep your makeup looking fresh all day long.”

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