Glam Phone Cases that Werk

If you, like me, are spending waaaay more time clutching your phone than you would have pre-Covid, I think it’s time we did ourselves a favor and got a new case, for chrissakes. Smartphone users spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones—so shouldn’t they look and feel as fab as possible?


We turned to the very plugged-in SwearBy community for phone case suggestions, ranging from an ultra-tough exterior that glimmers like a diamond to one that looks like a sliver of agate. “Siri, call Vogue—this phone is 🔥!”

GOATCase Anti-Gravity iPhone Case

I’m sorry, did someone say anti-gravity phone case? Yep. Yes, we did. “This phone case is the best kept secret I have,” says founder of DanceBody Katia Pryce of this option, which allows for hands-free use. “It’s a gravity defying phone case that can stick to flat surfaces like windows and mirrors, and it really does hold perfectly. They’re amazing for taking videos of class and getting social media content for DanceBody. All the instructors love them because we’re all visual people. One time I bought them for my entire team for Christmas, so it also makes a great gift.” 

Case-Mate iPhone 11 Pro Max Tough Groove Iridescent Case

Call it the Beyonce of phone cases. “I already have this case for my iPhone Xs Max and am so obsessed, I’m definitely using it for my new iPhone 11Pro Max as well,” says social media maven Margaret Flores of this case, which has a grooved exterior for easy gripping. Bonus: “It has a beautiful subtle iridescence that looks gorgeous in every light.”

Goldno.8 Crossbody Phone Case

Listen, as evidenced by Dwight Schrute on “The Office,” we all know phone holsters are a no. (No! Noooooo.) But phone purses? Yes. Yes! Yesssssss. “I have this accessory with me all the time,” says Amri Kibbler of the pillowy soft leather number, which also has a wallet embedded. “Since it neatly organizes my credit cards with my phone, I know I only need to grab one thing when I rush out the door. The strap makes it super easy to carry around when we’re hosting an event and I need to be sure to post on social media.” 

Sonix iPhone X Case in Black Pearl Tort

If terrazzo tile floors are your aesthetic jam, look no further than this phone case, which looks like it could very well be a slice of Venice, Italy. And did we mention it’s durable to boot? “I’ve been through as many Sonix cases as I have iPhones,” says Alisha Datwani of this shock absorbent stunner with a beveled camera hole. “I usually find it hard to buy cute cases that you can also trust, but luckily you don’t sacrifice any durability here. Trust me with the amount of times I drop my phone… I would know.”

The Casery Dark Blue Agate iPhone 8 Case

I’ve used this case for over a month now, and it’s lived up to the drop-protection advertising in a strong and very stylish way,” says Bianca D’Agonstino of this charmer, which is made of German Bayor plastic. It’s gorge, but as hard-wearing as they come. “The Casery has a ‘Drop Protection Tested’ method for their cases which vouches to protect your phone from 4ft drops. Not only is this case sturdy, but it’s a conversation starter. Everywhere I go I get compliments on it, and the clear matte portion of the case has not been scratched or started to turn yellow (my fear with clear cases).”

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