Get Moving and Get Living...What Fitness Guru Anna Kaiser Swears By

See that celebrity's toned abs? Chances are they came with a little help from Anna Kaiser. The mega-talented, bi-coastal celebrity trainer is also creator of AKT, her signature dance-based workout that's rooted in movement and positive energy.

Anna's lightning rod moment to launch AKT was sparked from her own frustration to keep herself in shape and motivated without getting bored. "As a dancer, I would go through phases of focusing on Pilates or yoga or barre, but then I struggled with the idea that I was not getting enough cardio. As a result, I began overtraining and became tired of doing the same, boring routine that I felt was not giving me the full-body training my body needed." Her idea? Fuse her knowledge of anatomy and choreography to bridge the gap between the gym and the boutique fitness studio, allowing guests to have the best of personalized private training and the studio experience.

Recognizing that most gym-goers plateau after a few months of working out the same way, she founded AKT to provide an "ever-changing workout experience focused on something no other fitness concept does--a kinetic approach to physical wellness with a cutting edge in pop fitness culture." The results are efficient and effective workouts that won’t ever, ever let you feel ho-hum.

We asked Anna for more on the fitness philosophy that she swears by:

1) Get inspiration from this popular parenting hack that works to reward kids for good behavior: "Set up a workout calendar so that every day you complete a workout, you get a gold star or a sticker to put on your calendar to help track, and visually see, the progress that you are making. When you reach ten stars, set up a prize for yourself like a manicure, pedicure, smoothie, massage, so that you can celebrate the work you’ve accomplished."

2) "Get your friends, family, and co-workers involved in this 10-day challenge and hold each other accountable. It takes at least 40 days to create a new habit so just be consistent and show up.”

3) "Remember that you do not have to make it through the entire hour class in the beginning. Start with staying in class for 30 minutes, three times a week, and increase the time and frequency as you get more comfortable with the workout."

4) When it comes to nutrition, "challenge yourself for 30 days to not eat anything that can sit on a shelf for two days or more."

5) Start living! "I would love to inspire everyone to be active four times per week, in a way that makes them truly happy, within a supportive community. This would make everyone less stressed, less anxious, more motivated, more focused, happier, healthier, and more efficient overall. We have started to become a culture of voyeurs, let’s get back to LIVING and living well--together!"

And then, of course, we had to know...what does this jet-setter swear by as she's dancing her way from coast to coast (or continent to continent) with her boldface clients? Read on and visit Anna's SwearBy page to see more of her Swears!


TrèStiQue Essential 8 Makeup Kit

“It’s small, has a mirror, and each magnetic makeup applicator is multi-purpose. It’s also made of a scuba material so that it’s resilient. Super easy to travel with!”

Yestadt Nomad Packable Fedora

“Right now, I’m loving this hat for travel. It’s instant hair post flight!”

Kai Eau de Parfum

“This rollerball applicator makes it so easy to refresh, without spritzing people you’re sharing space with. It smells delicious, and is tiny and portable!”

AKT on Demand

“Of course I’d swear by this! I’ve curated all my best workouts from my studios and private celebrity sessions so you can experience them any time. Whether it’s the gym, beach, or hotel suite, you can take the app to stream my workouts anywhere.”

Sisley Eye Contour Mask

It’s transparent so I can slather it on mid-flight, and then after 10 minutes you just rub in the remainder, or wipe off the excess, and it keeps the area around your eyes super hydrated and plumped for long flights.

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?