From Books, Beauty, to Style: 10 Things Grace Atwood Absolutely Swears By

My name is Grace Atwood and I’m the founder of The Stripe and co-host of Bad on Paper Podcast where I cover a slew of women’s lifestyle topics, but most notably books, skincare, and all things introverting. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now and take my product recommendations seriously! I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite things with you today. These are the things that have gotten me through quarantine. Having spent the past four months at home, I like to think I’ve become a bit of an expert in the art of… not leaving?

GoWISE USA Air Fryer

I love my little air fryer and she’s pretty cute, too! My favorite thing to make in it is probably these stuffed bagels but I also use it to roast veggies (I do this probably every day and it’s so much less of a production!) and make buffalo chicken tenders.

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak

This Herbivore soak has become one of my all-time favorite bath soaks. I take a bath nearly every night, so I take my baths very seriously. A few spoonfuls of this make your bath into a skin softening, soothing experience. Afterward, my skin is super hydrated and smells faintly of coconut and vanilla.

Frank Stella Jigsaw Puzzle - 750 Pieces

I am a big art fan and Frank Stella has been one of my favorites for a long time. While I’ll need to stick to the MoMA or The Whitney to see his work, it was fun recreating a piece of his at home. This puzzle is beautiful. I liked the end result so much that I’m planning to have it framed!

Spa Robe

This was gifted to me, and is honestly one of the best presents I’ve ever received. The Four Seasons is one of my favorite places to stay (especially staycationing in the city or down at the Surf Club in Miami — gosh I miss travel!). So now I can have the FS experience at home. It’s so soft and luxurious and makes me almost think I’m on vacation!

KLUR Elements of Comfort

This oil is HEAVEN, and such a luxurious treat. It smells of neroli orange blossom, but also Bulgarian rose and French lavender. A little goes a long way, I love it after the bath!

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

This is hands down, my most favorite face cream. It keeps me looking young(ish!) and is so hydrating. I try a lot of products for my job, which is really fun, but my one constant is that I always use this cream. Every single day.

The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett

This is probably the best book I read in all of 2020. I couldn’t put it down. Twin sisters Stella and Desiree, growing up in Jim Crow-era Louisiana, run away in the 1950s when they are sixteen. From there, their lives take such different turns. Stella goes on to pass for white and start an entirely different life while Desiree returns home to the town they grew up in. The book follows both women (and their daughters, whose lives eventually intersect) all the way into the 90s.

Zalto Denk'Art Universal Glass

Good glassware is important and this is the perfect wine glass. Nothing is better. It’s lightweight and just beautiful, and I swear my wine tastes better drinking from one!

LuvScrub Mesh Body Exfoliator

I love my Luv scrub! This is from a very cool small Black-owned business and it’s truly the best exfoliating washcloth I’ve ever tried. It leaves your skin so soft without any irritation.

Classic Navy Stripe Blanket

This is the softest, most wonderful blanket ever. I love reading under it, the only issue is that it is so soft that I often times find myself falling asleep once I’m under it. The fabric is a little bit like fleece but softer than that. Heaven!

Grace Atwood is the founder of the popular women’s lifestyle blog The Stripe and co-host of Bad on Paper Podcast. She is passionate about books, skincare, and her cat Tyrion. During quarantine, you can find her wearing a housedress, working in her garden, attempting to bake something, or reading in the sunshine.