Feel-Good Swears for an Inspired Life from Wanyi Jiang

If you think that perhaps you’re not treating yourself right, we suggest spending a few minutes with Wanyi Jiang. The hilariously candid and uber-creative design director of Marie Claire will set you on the right path with a much-needed dose of radical self-love. After feeling unfulfilled in her early career, Wanyi went to art school to hone her skills in graphic design, and it was there that she learned her most important lesson —“do what you love, and the money will follow.” She eschewed the naysayers (and even the misgivings of her more traditional Chinese parents) who said that you couldn’t earn a living off creative pursuits, and now Wanyi’s thriving at Marie Claire, where she helps the creative team bring the covers of the iconic magazine to life. Wanyi’s optimistic “pink personality” is fueled by seemingly endless inspiration. Her mood board for her new, Upper West Side apartment? “Paris in New York, but bougie, old-money French family’s black sheep daughter goes courtesan.” She executes it perfectly, with lovingly-curated vintage touches amid her velvet green sofa, crystal chandelier, and oversized gold mirror. Next, she’s on the hunt for a vintage Emmanuelle Chair in her bay window so she can “sit in it naked and read. It’s all about the self-love situation. I’m at the age and point in my life where I can do whatever I want. So why not?” Wanyi reminds us to take a breath and indulge in what makes us happy. Here, she shares life’s little luxuries that she swears by.

Restored Vintage Radio with Blue Tooth

I wanted a vintage-looking radio that matched my apartment’s aesthetic. I found this one on Etsy from a place that restores old, vintage radios. I thought was black, but it turned out to be dark green, which matches my green velvet sofa. Serendipity! It plays only AM radio, but it comes with a little bluetooth adapter so you can play anything from your iPhone. So, it’s modern, but vintage.

Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick

Makeup artist Pat McGrath is the queen-slash-goddess of the universe. As soon as I found out she was coming out with her own line, I knew I had to get everything. This lipstick has the luxury packaging and prestige, but with the formula to back it up. Pat knows lips and textures better than anyone, so I’m more likely to trust her than, say, a luxury fashion brand doing beauty. I want it directly from the source. This lipstick is perfectly matte. And, I love the names, too. I have Polaroid Pink and Vendetta, which is really rebellious. I’m a bright red lip kind of girl, but sometimes I go for pink too—I think I have a pink personality. Optimistic, but not too harsh. Red is very eye-catching, but I think pink has more snap to it.

79th Street Greenmarket | GrowNYC

When I was in Paris, I bought myself flowers every single day. Now, every Sunday, I get fresh flowers from my local farmer’s market to bring a piece of Paris back to me. My theme is usually in the purple range, with a pop of yellow, and I bought some simple, vintage bottles to put them in. It’s such a luxury, but I’m at the point in my life where I like to indulge a little bit every day. I’m always on a mini-vacation in my mind.

Pearl Studios NYC - Studio and Audition Rental Space

I love to sing. It’s such a release. One of my voice teachers from NYU first told me about this studio in midtown, where you can just book a space for an hour to practice, and even hire an accompanist if you want. I’ve never hired one, because I can find the karaoke backing tracks on YouTube, but it’s such a release. If you’re in a bad mood and you want to scream your lungs out, just go there and scream your lungs out. Nobody can stop you!

Lisa Says Gah Vintage "Naked" Dress

Lisa Says Gah, which is this store in San Francisco, did a pop-up shop here on Bleecker Street. I went there and I got this dress. At first I was like, where am I going to wear this? And I decided I was just going to wear it when I got home, back when I didn’t have an air conditioner. I would just put it on naked, make dinner, and waltz around my bougie courtesan French apartment. It is the most self-indulgent thing ever, but that’s self-love, right? Living without any excuses.

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