10 Father's Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Dads, step-dads, grandfathers, father figures, no matter who you'll be celebrating for Father's Day this year, you want to get them a good gift, right? Sure, they might say an IRL visit (done safely, of course) is enough or that a sweet card or phone call will do, but when it comes to Father's Day gifts, now is the moment to do a little extra.

There are, of course, the age-old staples like ties and socks (and hey, if your dad loves ties and socks, go for it), but for those looking to surprise their pop, picking up a unique gift for Father's Day that they didn't see coming is a total win. But let's be honest, dads can be difficult to buy for sometimes. Don't worry, though. Here at Swearby, we've got you covered.

Here are 10 Father's Day gifts our editors swear by that'll make your dad's day.



Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Jensen 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

“Whether I’m cleaning my home or hosting a group of friends, I pretty much always have this record playing blasting my favorite tunes in the background. This affordable option offers impressive sound quality and continues to work flawlessly even after many years of use. I love that it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move if I want to set it up somewhere else in my home, and unlike other options on the market, this turntable also converts my vintage records to digital copies that I can store on my computer and enjoy on my phone.” — Jessica Leigh Mattern

Photo credit: Courtesy of Mark & Graham

Mark & Graham Leather Charger Roll Up

“I bought this tech roll-up for my brother-in-law last year, and he absolutely loved it! For an extra $12, you can get their initials monogrammed on it; making it feel like a personal, thoughtful and — best of all — useful gift.” — Maria Pedone

Photo credit: Courtesy of Apple

Mophie Powerstation 6000 mAh Universal Battery

“This is such a fast charge and lasts forever (I can fully charge my phone twice before needing to recharge the Mophie). I’ve tried lots of cheaper portal chargers that didn’t work as quickly or reliably as this one, so it’s worth the extra money to get a quality one.” — Shannon Bauer

Photo credit: Courtesy of Apple

Apple Airpods

“Anyone who asks if my AirPods were worth the cost get an enthusiastic yes as their reply. First of all, it solves the issue we previously faced being unable to charge our phone and use our headphones at the same time. Second, it just lets me be very active and mobile while I’m listening to music and on calls. I’m never tied up in a wire or untangling wires in my bag. Worth every dollar, just be careful–these are easy to lose!” — Sarah Berlenbach

Photo credit: Courtesy of Atlas

Trade Coffee Subscription

“I can’t say enough about this subscription service. I love how there’s a matching quiz to help you identify the right coffee for you based on how you make it (Chemex, drip, French press), what you add to your coffee, what you normally like in terms of roast levels, etc. Then, a suggestion is made and you can choose the frequency of how often you want it delivered. The beans are roasted just before shipping, and you can choose whether you prefer whole beans or ground (also dependent on how you make your coffee). The best part: you get to experience new roasters as you go (Trade works with 52 of the nation’s top roasters!!). Plus, the bags are so beautiful that making coffee in the morning is pure joy.” — Ananda Eidelstein

Photo credit: Courtesy of Ember

Ember Mug

“This smart mug has a built-in heating tool, so you can keep your coffee or tea (or, in my case, a latte) at the perfect temperature—even if it takes you hours to finish your cup. The easy-to-use app helps you find the perfect temperature for your preferred beverage, and the battery life can last as long as 1.5 hours (more if you keep your mug on the charging pad). I’m a slow coffee drinker, and this mug ensures every sip (from the first to the very last) is that just-right temperature.” — Lauren Phillips

Photo credit: Courtesy of Haven's Kitchen

Haven's Kitchen Globally Inspired Sauces

“I enjoy cooking but I hate nothing more than a plain meal. These sauces are soooo easy to use and make a simple salad 1000 times better! Not to mention, all the dressings are vegan and gluten-free! PLUS, they’re woman-owned! We love girl power! If you want to amp up your next meal, I highly recommend trying Haven’s Kitchen sauces!” — Hailey Lotzgesell

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“This is such an incredible, life-changing product! We weren’t sure if it would really work, and we can not tell you how much it has changed our life with four kids and a dog! It works so well! You can program it for different times of the day or just turn it on when needed. It picks up so many extra things that I really don’t think our upright Dyson gets. We love it! If you have wood floors it even polishes them slightly.” — Leeorah Betan-Hartman

Photo credit: Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Super Ultimate Shave Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club’s gift set features everything needed for the perfect shave. Not only do you get a new razor, but you get six refills so this gift will last your dad a while. Add in a few razor accessories and some skin care, and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Monica Gonzalez Art/Etsy

Personalized Line Art Illustration

Get your dad something sentimental with a custom illustration. Whether it’s a favorite family portrait, a sweet image of you and your dad when you were younger, or a more recent snap, these minimalist and sleek drawings will look great in his office or home.