Fashion Stylist Inge Fonteyne: 10 Obsession Worthy Swears

Inge Fonteyne didn’t plan on becoming a renowned fashion stylist. As a photography and illustration student in art school, Inge says “nobody ever talked about being a fashion stylist. There wasn’t a curriculum that you could be taught.” She “shoehorned her way in” to Vogue in the ‘80s, getting a ringside seat to the supermodel moment. She has troves of candid Polariods of firstnamers Christy, Naomi, Linda et al, but now it’s Inge’s Instagram that reflects those carefree, behind-the-scenes moments on set. Because she’s so skilled at capturing people relaxed and in their element, clients are now calling on Inge as a photographer, too. But whether she’s styling or shooting, Inge is the quintessential team player who gets excited by bringing a creative project to life. She’s carefree and calm with the perfect dose of genuine enthusiasm, making it impossible for a bad vibe to take hold when Inge is around. We asked Inge to share her Swears because 1) She’s exposed to the best product tips from the supermodels and top creative talent she works with every day (including a few from good pal Alessandra Ambrosio, who, according to Inge, needs to do a Swear Profile because she “always knows the best beauty products.” Call us, Alessandra.) 2) From the perfect heel to quirky cowboy boots, it’s Inge’s job to find anything at any time, so she knows the market inside and out. 3) Inge has great taste. Clearly, the kind of great taste they don’t teach in school. Inge had so many amazing Swears, we couldn’t limit her to just 5. So here are 10 beauty and fashion items that Inge swears by:

By Terry Baume de Rose

Doesn’t everybody have this lip balm? Regardless, it’s the best. It’s so good. I love how it makes me feel like…wow. It’s lush and super hydrating. I deeply love my beauty products and this is one I apply daily.

Adidas Originals Women's Superstar Shoes

Ah, the classics. It all comes full circle somehow. These remind me of my nostalgic youth when I played tennis. I feel like they are not ‘trendy,’ even though they are trending. They’re just classic and cool. You will always be in fashion with a nautical stripe tee or white shirt, a classic pair of Levi’s, maybe a cable knit sweater, and a casual sneaker.

Sisley Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil

It smells like roses. In a good way. I usually put my head down when I’m in a store and refuse to get lured to the beauty counters, but I randomly allowed myself to get pulled to Sisley and loved the feel of this on my skin. It doesn’t feel like oil at all, it’s so soft and supple. I was on set and the makeup artist Carolina Gonzales was using it on her clients and we bonded over how great it is.

Skin and Lip Balm: Balm Dotcom Trio

I recently styled an ad campaign for Glossier. I love the packaging and I always have one of these in my bag. There’s a cool, almost homemade quality to the experience that I love.

3Lab Super "H" Serum

Oh. My. God. This is my ultimate favorite of all the products I’ve tried. I use this serum every day, and it’s a light, airy, age-defying moisturizer. I wake up every morning excited to use it. I won’t take it on an airplane because I’m afraid that the TSA might confiscate it. That’s how obsessed I am. It smells like apples, which reminds me of my youth in Belgium. We weren’t allowed to eat sweets and my sister and I would have contests all the time about who could eat the most apples. My poor mother would find apple cores stashed all over the house. But I digress. It’s amazing. It’s expensive, but I’m telling you, you’ll fall in love if you try this.

Rubis Switzerland Gold Slant Tweezer

It never misses a hair and doesn’t ever have to be sharpened. It always grabs everything. I swear…I love this tweezer so much. I had a Rubis but I bought the the Tweezerman only to buy the Rubis again. The Swiss packaging drew me in and makes me feel like I’m at the spa.

80's Vintage Indigo Lee Denim Jacket

I’d also file this under ‘classic style.’ I bought this at a vintage shop in the city many years ago, but Etsy or eBay are great sources for vintage. I’d pair it under a bomber or a furry coat and carry a great bag. That’s where the money should go: a shoe, coat, or a bag. You can add a cashmere sweater to the list of essentials, but you only really need one and it doesn’t need to be expensive. But you can’t ever go wrong with a worn, classic denim jacket.

Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Soap

I’m obsessed with the packaging. It reminds me of a beautiful old wallpaper. But it comes alive in the shower. I love a good bar soap. This has an overwhelmingly fresh scent that isn’t too perfume-y. It’s not drying. It’s just…lovely.

Diptyque Olene Eau de Toilette

I don’ t want to smell like a bottle of perfume. I have only had a few fragrances that required a spray bottle as opposed to a roller, but Olene is my absolute favorite. It’s made by candle company Diptyque and has a subtle jasmine blossom scent to it. I don’t know how to really describe it, but once you open the cap, you’ll know.

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