Fall Jackets That are 🔥

IDK about you, but I’m longing for the days of indoor cocktail parties and gala fundraisers so hard that I spend half my time planning my future, post-Covid outfits. (Something about being masked makes me put in about 10% of the sartorial effort I would normally, and I don’t think I’m alone in this. Yoga pants FTWWWWW!)


Anywhoo: there are a few outfit pieces I’m willing to splurge on right now, and a cozy AF jacket is one of them, since I’m only seeing people outdoors—in my Ebola suit, from a generous distance—for the foreseeable future. All of these fall jackets set my pulse racing (and, judging by their glowing SwearBy reviews, I’m not the only one).

Madewell Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket

As someone who is all hat and no cattle, as the saying goes in Texas, I can unabashedly admit I’d also like to be all motorcycle jacket, no motorcycle. There’s something about these bad boys that screams “I’m very hot, and not to be trifled with,” which is exactly what outerwear messaging *should* be. Jennings Ross says it’s her favorite thing in her closet. “It’s my “power jacket”. Goes with everything. Light enough to layer over a sundress and warm enough to throw over a sweater in the fall. Classic and badass.” I’d like the burnt umber one, plz.

Patagonia Women's Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Barn Coat

I don’t have a barn—yet—but I definitely need this jacket. It’s sort of Ralph Lauren-y, but looks extra hard-wearing, like it will last my entire life. “This jacket keeps me warm when I’m walking my dog in Brooklyn and when I’m on the flower farm working early mornings at sunrise,” says Taylor Barry. It is so cozy but I can still move in it. It’s also perfect with a nice flannel or sweater underneath.” Bonus: it’s insulated with Thermogreen and fair-trade certified sewn. 

House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve Perry Faux Fur Coat in Leopard

“Purr, purr.” That’s the sound I imagine I’d make wearing this gorge number, which conjures Elizabeth Taylor in all the best ways. “This is my favorite go-to jacket!” says Dee Hake. “It’s versatile, trendy, and takes any outfit up a notch. I get loads of compliments when I wear it out. It looks as great with a sleek black jumpsuit as it does with jeans and a white tee. Love the long line detail too!” Also: how fab will this look bar-hopping once we’re vaccinated? So. Fab.

Floerns Casual Short Embroidered Floral Bomber Jacket

I’m not in love with fast fashion, TBH, but occasionally, a gal needs a rose-adorned delight shipped to her door quiiick. To wear to a Bachelorette watch party alone (with a glass of red) on her couch, for example. “This bomber jacket is one of Amazon’s hidden fashion gems!” says Whitney Goff. “Under $30 and unique, I get lots of compliments each time I wear it. I love the floral detail and feminine fit and color.” Also: it’s available for Prime shipping. Which is, in a word, primo.

Aether Chelsea Jacket

This 800-fill grey goose down has an extremely attractive selling point, especially for an indoorsy Coloradan like me: “You’ll never feel cold in this jacket. Period.” says Alex Dickerson. Love the two-way zipper and the cozy, high neck (because scarves are super overrated; don’t @ me.) “Stylish, comfortable, light weight, and absolutely impenetrable.” 

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