This Hair Oil Went Viral on TikTok & Here’s What We Think

There are days when I'm convinced my hair hates me. Not only can it look dry and damaged, but it refuses to behave as I style it. Now, throw in some pandemic stress-related hair loss, and my hair and I are not on good terms. When I saw Fable & Mane's HoliRoots going viral on TikTok, I had to try it.

TikToker Seerat Saini has gone massively viral thanks in part to a series of videos where she shares Ayurvedic techniques to encourage hair growth and improve overall hair health. Ayurveda is a natural and holistic system of medicine based on lifestyle and natural remedies that originated in India thousands of years ago. Many of Saini's videos include Ayurvedic scalp massage to help stimulate hair growth. But it was one particular video that caught my eye most — one that features Fable & Mane's HoliRoots, a scalp stimulating pre-wash oil treatment designed to encourage hair growth, nourish dry locks, and improve scalp health.

Of course, my dry, damaged, and thinning hair and I had to give it a go.

So let's talk about Fable & Mane's HoliRoots.

First, like Saini's videos, Fable & Mane's entire haircare range is based on Ayurvedic principles. Siblings Nikita and Akash Mehta bring their family's own tradition of hair oiling to the brand, a practice that sees oils worked into the scalp and throughout the strands to moisturize and nourish.

For Fable & Mane and its founders, the practice is also meant to encourage meditative practices and soothing rituals as part of a haircare routine. The HoliRoots treatment is based entirely on hair oiling with the product featuring three key ingredients — ashwagandha, dashmool, and castor oil — all elements based in Ayurvedic tradition and all used to help heal, soothe, and nourish the scalp to ultimately encourage hair growth.

You've likely heard of ashwagandha being used as a wellness adaptogen that reduces stress, and that's partially why it's included in HoliRoots. The root-based ingredient can reduce inflammation in the scalp targeting stressed follicles to aid in growth. As for dashmool, it's actually a blend of ten different roots that work together to soothe the scalp and strengthen the skin. Finally, castor oil is a well-known and widely discussed method for encouraging hair growth, and while no studies currently support its efficacy, it is a fatty acid that nourishes hair and can add shine and luster.

Now, as for how HoliRoots works, I've only been using it for about two weeks now. That's not quite enough time to gauge whether it's truly helping my hair grow. However, when it comes to my overall hair health, there's certainly an improvement. While my hair would often become frizzy and look parched when left to air dry, since beginning the oil as a pre-wash treatment, my natural curls look smooth and soft even with zero product. When I do straighten my hair, it retains the same shine of an air dry for days after washing. While I've already established a skin-care routine that gives me a moment of meditation and allows me to unwind at the end of my day, taking time to oil my hair feels special — like I'm doing something a little extra for me outside of my usual routine.

While I still need more time to observe my hair's growth cycle, when it comes to shine, moisture, and overall hair health, HoliRoots is a definite win.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Sephora

HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair Treatment Oil

After seeing HoliRoots on TikTok, I had to try this treatment, and it doesn’t disappoint. The oil is a nourishing treatment that adds extra shine, nourishes and heals dry strands, and helps improve scalp health. While I need more time to observe the hair growth claims, it has certainly been great for my hair overall.