Dilshad Vadsaria's Travel-Inspired Swears are Guaranteed to Give You Wanderlust

You may know Dilshad Vadsaria from the TV series Greek, Notorious, or via the new Marvel show, Cloak and Dagger. Or, perhaps, you’ve seen her at any one of LAX’s terminals, since this self-proclaimed wanderluster has traveled enough to orbit the earth at least 1.5 times. Her travel expertise is so major that she can get through security in a flash, take a two-week trip without more than a carry-on, and, NBD, she even invented her own ultimate travel necessity called the rev’pod™, which is essentially the Swiss-Army knife of travel loungewear. It’s a cozy-soft hoodie with a zipper, eye mask, mittens, and pockets galore all built in, to keep you in comfy isolation through the entire flight.

Dilshad’s favorite destinations? “Skiing in Chile or safari in Botswana.” Her travel MO? Being organized and leaving plenty of time. “I don’t like to hustle and rush to get to the gate. I like to be uber-organized so that once I am on the plane, I have everything I need.” She’s been so on the move as of late, especially with on-location acting gigs, that she laughs that she’s basically “George Clooney in Up in the Air.” But “regardless of where work takes me, I treat it as an adventure and do my best to take time to discover the city I am living in for the time being.”

Here are some of Dilshad’s signature Swears that keep her moving, even at 500 knots and 35,000 feet...

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

“They say you should wear sunblock even on the plane and so I do. Lots of sunblocks are really thick and clog up my skin. However, La Roche-Posay’s sunblock is incredibly light and I have never had a breakout with it. Always take care of your skin. Always.”

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Apple AirPods

“I didn’t include this for the sake of being techy, I’m so not! But my phone is where I keep my meditations. So whether I am in a hotel room or on the plane, I put in my airpods and practice my breathing. Ten to twenty minutes a day can do wonders for feeling calm and centered. It’s the little things like a mindfulness routine and looking at photos of loved ones on my phone from the plane which help when I’m never in one place for long.”

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Stila Convertible Color Blush

“This blush is essential for my natural beauty routine. I travel light and want to feel as light as possible, so I pair this blush with my Bobbi Brown powder and call it a day. This duo is a staple of my travel bag.”

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

“Going back to the no-fuss, I tend not to wear heavy makeup when I am not filming. A bit of sunblock and a dab of this powder and my Stila blush and I am good to go.”

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rev'pod™ Ultra-Soft Travel + Loungewear

“I hate, hate fuss when I travel. There’s so much going on anyway. I do love adventure but being away from home and your loved ones can be difficult at times. So my friends and I, all wanderlusters at heart, came up with this ultra-soft travel and loungewear which includes everything from a hidden eye-mask, pockets & mittens to snaps so that you can walk around in it without ever having to take it off! It rolls up so that it is easy to travel with, just throw it over your rollerboard handle. Plus the fabric is sustainable, we plant a tree with each rev’pod ™ purchased and it’s all made in LA! We wanted to be as responsible as possible with our creation. Being in my rev’pod ™ makes me feel cocooned and safe. My home away from home in a way.”

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Personalized Stationery

“Stationary is super important to me. Each time I run out, I look for a new theme. Kind of like a new mood to swear by until the next one. I am a big believer in thank you’s. Little things matter. Someone’s time matters. Showing your appreciation for their time is important. I love pretty little touches. I was gifted personalized stationary when I was little and honestly, have never stopped using it. To me it’s another form of expression and I think it’s important to keep that fresh. My constant is to have stationary though because that in itself is very important. The Paper Source has a lot of great options for customization and finding your own style.”

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