Cuddly Fleecy Fashion for Staying Cozy and Looking Stylish

Ah, 2020. The year of schlubby outfits tailor-made for one place: the couch. I didn’t know it until now, but it’s very possible to be extremely cozy *and* stylish when you invest in the right fleecy, fashion-forward pieces. (Want proof? Just look at Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s Insta; she's often wearing pieces that are cuddly AF aaand cute.)

SwearBy’s extremely glam curators highly recommend the below, all of which will keep you both snug and sartorially appealing, PHEW. I’d like two of each to get through the rest of the year, plz.

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants

Multiple SwearBy editors are raving over these buttoned-down beauties. “Once I started sheltering in place I knew I needed to up my loungewear game,” says Stephanie Perry. “Sloppy sweats and oversized pajama bottoms weren’t going to cut it. I wanted a comfortable pair of pants that would leave me feeling put-together for a productive day of working from home.” She says these super-soft bottoms *feel* like her fave leggings but look infinitely more fab. “I’m embarrassed to say how many days a week I wear them but let’s just say, it’s time for me to buy another pair.” Nina Huang, who has gotten her entire family hooked on them, makes me want to order them ASAP. “It’s a product that lives up to its name: Outdoor Voices’ CloudKnit sweatpants really are as soft as a cloud.”

Stars Above™ Women's Perfectly Cozy Lounge Sweatshirt

Caitlin Kimmet deemed this Magic in a Sweatshirt. If that’s not a resounding vote of approval, we don’t know what is! “If I could, I would wear this shirt every day. It’s loose and cozy and feels like a hug. It’s strangely flattering, while also being fairly shapeless. It’s affordable enough that I have more than one, and I would live every day of my life in it with no regrets.” Also: it’s from Target, which I’m newly obsessed with, thanks to their new (and free) Curb Side PickUp option. They do all my shopping for me mere hours after I place my order, plop the bags in my trunk, and I drive away without worry. That’s what I call “On Target” (sorry).

Monrow Heather Fleece Vintage Sweats

Spending more than $20 on a pair of sweatpants feels like sacrilege to me, but I think this year will push me over the edge and do it, ESPECIALLY when reviews are this good. These are “The BEST sweatpants ever!” says Los Angeles TV producer Alix Jaffe, who clearly knows how to live a glam life. “Old school but flattering. These will be your go-to sweats from now on.” Entertainment lawyer and globetrotter Julie Shapiro adores them too. “Perfect airplane attire that’s fitted but comfy!” She pairs them with high tops, but I’m thinking cashmere socks…and Netflix.

Alo Soho Sweatpant

After taking a shower at the gym the last thing I want to put on is an actual pair of pants,” says Los Angeles-based Krista Simmons. Girl, same (when I could go to the gym. Sigh.) “These sweats are the perfect combo of street style and comfort. They’re also great for long-haul flights!” As soon as I feel comfortable taking a long-haul flight again, I fully intend to dress in, like, a ball gown, I’m so starved for fun. BUT: the flight after that, these sweats are *it.*

Champion Powerblend Boyfriend Crew Sweatshirt

Subtle design tweaks, like longer cuffs, take this sweatshirt from Standard Issue to fashion-forward. “To be honest, my favorite sweatshirt is one I stole from my mom’s closet years ago that has absolutely no tags or branding anywhere,” says Katie Macdonald. “But if I had to replace it today, it would be with this lookalike from Champion. Not only is it the same gorgeous jade color as my mom’s (a nice break from my normal black), but it boasts a relaxed fit that’s perfect for lounging. I also like that thousands of Amazon shoppers swear it’s the comfiest crewneck they own, and it’s only $25.” Ummmm….*Adds to cart*

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