Comfy & Cute Sneakers SwearBy Editors Can't Stop Wearing

I once spotted a gorgeous woman on the New York City subway wearing something outrageously fabulous: grandma sneakers. You know the type. Clunky, bleach white, devoid of grace, and yet — at a glance — likely the most comfortable footwear a person could don. By the time you reach your octogenarian years, you just want to be cozy, amirite? And these are Cozy with a capital C.

This girl couldn’t have been more than 29, but she wore these geriatric gems without shame. She looked fabulous (yes, even in the city that birthed Carrie Bradshaw and hordes of copycats slinking around in Manolo Blahniks).

Here’s the thing: shoes don’t have to be unsightly — or normcore — to be as comfortable as granny sneaks. These kicks, beloved by SwearBy curators and ranging from running shoes to high tops, are proof.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic

I can admit it: I am v. v. into the centuries-old reality tv show that is the British royal family. And you know what’s even more fun than waking up at 3 a.m. to bake scones while “attending” their weddings? Wearing their tennis shoes. Princess Diana and Kate Middleton has worn these Superga’s, so you know I had to purchase a pair. Guess what: they’re the comfiest pair of shoes I own (AND I OWN CROCS, don’t @ me.) Alyssa Edelman was right when she said they’re “comfortable right out of the box, and goes with almost anything — jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, all of it.” Ditto Alexa du Pont Bell: “Great quality and every detail is thought of, including how the color of the laces match the shoe.” Would Diana and Kate stand for anything less? 

Adidas Continental 80 Sneaker

Calling all Normcore enthusiasts (is that still a thing?). “These really have been the only shoe I’ve been sporting as of late. They are super comfy, easy to throw on, and have a unique ’80s style to them that’s different from my other sneakers,” says Maya Gandara. More importantly, unless you want to be breaking out your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser every five minutes: “They’ve also managed to stay super white throughout my many wears.”

Nike Air Max 2090 BETRUE Shoe

“Nike’s iconic Air Max 90 is getting a revamp for Pride 2020 and boy, does she look good. Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, the airy upper features translucent fabric to reveal a colorful array of Pride colors beneath,” says SwearBy’s L.A.-based Content Director Sara Tan. Great news for your tootsies: the soles are Nike Air. Great news for the LGBTQIA+ community: Nike is donating to more than 20 organizations that support them this year.

Onitsuka Tiger TAI-CHI-REB Sneakers

Icons are iconic for a reason. “I bought these shoes for my husband and quickly found myself ordering a pair,” says Minnesota-based blogger Caitlin Kimmet. “They are made of soft, beautiful leather. The insole feels like walking on a pillow. They have a nylon tongue, which I initially thought was strange, but makes them incredibly comfortable and fit like custom-made shoes. They also look great with pretty much everything.” Bonus: they come in a bajillion hues. 

Golden Goose Women's Slide Sneakers

Remember when distressed jeans were, like, the laughing stock of parents everywhere? “You’re gonna buy pants that look like they’ve been worn in sleazy places for HOW MUCH????” Well, meet their cousin, distressed sneakers. Golden Goose high tops look like they’ve been to a party or two. And feel just as cozy as your old pair of Levi’s to boot. “I am a huge fan of comfortable footwear but I also love leopard print so these were perfect for me,” says New York stylist Ali Peters. Or take it from Dee Hake: “I absolutely love Golden Goose shoes! The fun prints and colors, as well as the distressed waxes and coatings, make them look ‘perfectly lived in.’”

Colehaan 2.Zerogrand Oxford

You can’t talk comfortable shoes without mentioning Cole Haan, the brand formerly owned by Nike. This particular shoe is beloved by Maria Pedone: “Oh my goodness I wear these EVERYWHERE… and with everything!! (Seriously, my friends, coworkers, family, bodega cashiers are probably sick of seeing them.) But in NY, comfortable shoes are everything, and these are stylish enough to dress up and down.” 

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