10 Gifts For College Students That Are Fun & Useful

Graduation is done! You've already celebrated your friends and family who have achieved a major milestone (be it high school or college). Now, though, it's time for the next chapter. If you know someone who is headed off for a big adventure at college or grad school, they might need a bit of moral support to get their journey started.

What’s better than a gift to say good luck, make good grades, don't forget to sleep, and drink more than just coffee? From self-care items like sleeping masks to ensure you're getting adequate night's rest to more practical pieces like rain boots for those long walks to class, here are 10 gifts for the upcoming student in your life.

Photo credit: See On Mapiful

Mapiful Custom Maps and Posters

Leaving home can be tough, but you can take a little piece with you thanks to Mapiful. The site allows you to create a street map view of any location. Whether that’s your hometown or your study abroad location, you can take any place you feel most at home with you into your new space. SwearBy editor SB J. says, “I have a Mapiful map framed in my home of New York and it is a beautiful piece of art.”

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Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

No matter what level of higher education, sleep is key. From blocking out those streetlights outside or shielding yourself from the light from your roommate’s desk (we all remember that two people, one room dorm life), this Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask is the way to go. Editor Rebecca C. says, “Ever since college, I haven’t been able to sleep without wearing a sleep mask. I’ve tried many different ones over the years, but this Slip one is by far my favorite. Not only is the silk super soft on my skin, but the mask doesn’t leave a crease in my hair overnight like others do.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Ugg

UGG Sienna Rain Boots

Walking to class or work can feel like it takes forever, but add rain and things can get messy quickly. A pair of rain boots are the perfect solution. Just ask editor Bianca D. who says of the boots, “Sleek and cozy. These rain boots are a nice height and have the incredible feel of ugg slippers or boots on the inside with the inner fuzz. They are incredibly durable and such good quality. I got these back in college and had to trek pretty far in the rain; they have done an excellent job at being a comfortable shoe that keeps all the rainwater out, while looking super cute and simple!”

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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

College is difficult at any level. The stress of homework and classes mixed with the attempts to balance a social life and work can get rough. That’s why a gift like a diffuser is such a great idea.

SwearBy editor Madeleine L. says, “Since I’ve been spending so much more time at home than ever before, I’ve become much more cognizant of how important it is to my mental health to create a good atmosphere at home. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time making my home feel comfortable and look beautiful, and I’ve noticed a definite boost in my mood (and productivity). This essential oil diffuser is one of the subtle things that I think has really made a huge difference! It’s attractive and allows you to customize the scent to fit your needs — from relaxing lavender to energizing citrus, it’s been a definite game-changer. Because of all of this, I think it’s going to make a really nice gift come the holidays, too.”

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Daily Harvest

Whether you’re completely done with school or are still in it, everyone deals with the difficulty in finding healthy, nutritious meals in the midst of busy lives. That’s what makes Daily Harvest a great gift. It allows people to have grab-and-go, easy-to-prepare meals that are honestly ideal for college and grad students.

SwearBy editor Karla L. explains how Daily Harvest has been great for quick meals saying, “I have struggled to find easy solutions for lunch, whether I am eating at home or throwing my lunch in my bag for the office. I want something good for me, tastes great, and is quick. I have tried so many prepared meal options, and Daily Harvest is one of my favorites. First of all, I love that they are dairy and gluten-free! I have a dairy allergy and don’t have to worry about anything on their menu, not to mention that everything I have tried tastes excellent.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Birkenstocks

Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Slide Sandal

Comfort is the reigning monarch when it comes to nightly study huddles or weekend self-care sessions. This fluffy, comfy pair of Birkenstocks are a great bet for those moments. Editor Sara T. says, “I live in my Birkenstocks 90% of the year until the temperature drops below 70. That means winter has finally arrived in LA, so I trade in my regular Birkenstock sandals for its wintry version — the shearling-lined slides. These babies keep my toes nice and toasty and are so, so, so comfy. Even though I mostly wear them indoors, they are super supportive so my feet get the cushion they deserve.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of HydroFlask

Hydro Flask 40 oz Straw Top Water Bottle

Hydration is key during school. Whether you’ve stayed up late or have had one too many coffees, be sure to keep your body’s water supply up, and an easy way to do that is to be sure you’ve got a water bottle at your side. The Hydro Flask is the way to go according to editor Chelsea B. who says, “This is literally the best thing I own at the moment. This is different than other water bottles because not only is it insulated and durable, but the straw is the real game changer. I love to keep it on my desk and just sip it all day long. I end up finishing 3 full bottles by the end of the day. It’s also amazing to have during hot yoga!”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Rothy's

Rothy's Flats

Another must-have for school? Comfy shoes. Between running back and forth from class and heading to work or even an evening out a good all-occasion shoe is a must. Rothy’s flats are just that. “These little beauties are not only sustainable but made from recycled water bottles – washable & comfortable,” says SwearBy editor Alicia K. “I put these to the test — a full day of New York City wear. They kept me comfortable, stylish & walking fast, which is so important for me when I’m tearing around the city.”

Photo credit: Courtesy Of Knomo

Knomo London Leather Laptop Backpack

Sleek, stylish, and functional? What more could you ask for? Knomo’s leather laptop backpack keeps you looking perfect while making sure you can work from anywhere. Headed to your university’s library? Grab your backpack. Coffeeshop? Grab your backpack. Have a commute? Backpack. Don’t believe me, listen to SwearBy editor Sonali D, who says, “Maybe I’m just getting old, but commuting to work and around New York City with a handbag that has my laptop and other essentials has been wreaking havoc on my back and shoulders. This backpack is the perfect solution. It fits everything and is amazingly comfortable. The leather feels expensive even though it’s pretty reasonably priced compared to other designer backpacks I’ve considered.”

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Ember Mug

Let’s be honest, if you’re in college or grad school, coffee is likely a staple. In fact, it’s probably pretty close to a food group. That’s why this Ember Mug is so perfect. Pour your cup in the morning, head out to class, and it’s still warm when you get there. Staying up late to study? Keep your caffeine kick going with warm coffee for hours after you’ve brewed it. Even if you’re a tea person (and not beholden to caffeine like the rest of us), this mug is ideal for keeping your drink warm.