Cleaning Products to Help Keep Our Homes Tidy in 2021

I can admit it, because SwearBy is a safe space: my house is an absolute mess 79% of the time. When it finallllly gets deep cleaned, the dreamy effect lasts approximately 37 hours before devolving into chaos again. I guess this is what I get for living with a dog, a cat and two male models!


Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t us. Maybe it’s our cleaning products. So we rounded up the most Martha-worthy products and gadgets that  SwearBy editors adore to keep things pristine. For the next 37 hours, at least.

Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner

Clean and green is an impressive combo—and bottled up like magic in Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds biodegradable cleaner. Dog lover Karla Lint is a fan: “I know this might sound crazy, but I am in love with Sal Suds,” she says. “I want to change my cleaning routine from harsh, heavily scented chemical cleaners that my husband loves to more natural plant-based cleaners. Sal’s checks all the boxes for me; it has a light, almost pine scent with a pleasant smell, and I can use it anywhere!” And she really does mean anywhere, having spiffed up everything from her counters to her floors with the stuff. Bonus: it’s 100% cruelty-free. 

iRobot Roomba 960

One cleaning product has topped my wish list for months now. You guessed it: Roomba. I’ve always been too scared to take the plunge because as a cat and dog owner, I figured I’d have to rid the thing of fur every other day. Well, after reading three SwearBy editor’s rave reviews, I’m finally clicking buy now. “This is such an incredible, life-changing product!” says Leeorah Betan-Hartman of the robot vacuum, which you can even operate with Alexa. “We weren’t sure if it would really work and we can not tell you how much it has changed our life with 4 kids and a dog! It works so well! You can program it for different times of the day, or just turn it on when needed.” Marie Schutte even uses hers after her kids are in bed, because stays fairly quiet as it gets its job done. #Brilliant.

The Dish Duo

Attention, eco-warriors. “I’ve been so pleased I’ve found Blueland’s Dish Duo as a way to cut down on single-use plastic,” says Katie Macdonald. “While most cleaning products are traditionally sold in disposable plastic bottles, Blueland’s cleaners come in innovative environmentally responsible packaging. You simply buy the reusable containers once, then order streamlined refills as you need them.” Equally important: she says they really do keep her dishes clean. 

Method French Lavender All-purpose Cleaner

Wandering happily through a field of Provencal herbs sounds like my happy place, so you can bet I want to try this lavender-scented, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning spray. “I use this daily in the kitchen to wipe down the counters and to deep clean any areas that may need some extra help,” says Erin McLaughlin. “The scent is relaxing and doesn’t overpower like other cleaners do. Love that it’s naturally derived too!” Also, this seems silly, but I like that it’s pretty in purple. (In case it never makes it into my cleaning supplies vault).

The Original Scrub Daddy®

A mold, stain and odor-resistant sponge that gets firmer in cold water and softer in warm? Sign me up. “It’s very durable and doesn’t scratch pots or pans,” says fan Veronica Montillano. “It lasts a really long time and makes cleaning stuck on foods a lot easier. The sponge doesn’t smell funky after so many uses either. Seeing the smiley face on the sink is just fun, too!” Honestly, I have a question for you, Scrub Daddy: where have you been all my life?

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