Clean + Green Beauty Products to Swear By

When making a beauty purchase, sure, you want to make a choice that's good for you and the environment. But, sometimes, information overload can make your head spin. It feels like you need a PhD to discern ingredient lists, and scouring the internet for answers feels like a full-time job. That’s where SwearBy comes in. We polled the SwearBy community for the best clean, non-toxic, and Swear-worthy beauty products for an all-star lineup of beauty goodies made of good stuff, some of which classify as “green,” as well. What’s the difference between “clean” and “green," BTW? Tara Foley, founder of the clean beauty destination, Follain, says that both are free from the toxic ingredients that may be harmful to the user, but green products feature “ingredient formulas that are good for the planet" and "packaging that's good for the planet, too.”

Lizzy Trelstad, chemist crusader at Beaker, says “green beauty is as much about the use of naturally-sourced ingredients as it is about sourcing them responsibly. The supply chain matters to me as much as the product's performance on my skin.” To discern which products are toxin-free and ethically-sourced, Tara advises to “shop with highly-educated retailers who excel in these products and can guide you to the best options.” If you’re looking for a place to start, here’s a round up of our discerning community’s favorite non-toxic and clean Swears, some of which pass the green test, too!

Wildist Tangellow Sensitive Natural Deodorant

The quest to find the perfect natural deodorant is one of trial and error, hope and heartbreak. We get it. Luckily this list has a ton of great options for natural deodorants you can try next. Lizzy Trelstad Swears by this deodorant stick that moisturizes the skin and dries clear. She says that this stuff is “a true Green Beauty product from a brand that cares about sourcing, ingredient choice, performance, and experience.” Wildist is 100% transparent when it comes to ingredients, so you know for sure that it’s “everything you need and nothing you don’t want in a deodorant.”

Beauty by Earth Reef Safe Facial Sunscreen SPF 20

When you’re catching rays on the beach this spring break, try out a SPF committed to protecting marine life. This sunscreen from Beauty by Earth is “reef safe,” meaning none of the ingredients are harmful for our oceans. The organic formula is non-nano zinc oxide based and safe for use in eco parks! Not only is it a great option for the environment, it works great on the skin. Kylie DeLaO loves that this sunscreen “is not oily and does not leave a residue after applied,” and your makeup can be applied right on top!

Dr. Bronner's Organic Lotions

We Swear that moisturizing is at the top of our to-do lists, no matter the time of year. This Dr. Bronner’s lotion is “so yummy and soothing on the skin,” Swears Editor Krisha Cabrera. Krisha especially loves that this product isn’t “too gloppy or thick,” making it soothing but not overwhelming. Not only is Dr. Bronner’s fair trade certified, it contains only organic oils, no animal products, and the bottle is made from “post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.” Try out this orange lavender scent for a “unique combo” that’s “energizing.”

RMS Beauty Oil

These magic drops of skincare goodness from RMS are made from “the finest quality exotic oils, buriti and tamanu, and rare adaptogenic herbal extracts” to give you an all-natural glow. Editor Emma Kate Young uses “this oil instead of moisturizer morning and night on [her] face, neck and chest” for “ultimate RADIANCE.” It’s the best of clean skincare: “simple, organic and treats the skin well.” Add this product to your regimen if you want good-and-good-for-you instantly “nourish[ed]” skin.

Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil

Another great choice for an all-natural oil is this retinol product from Pestle & Mortar. This night oil can be used every day while you sleep to rejuvenate tired or dry skin. Lizzy Trelstad gets awesome payoff with this product, she says it works to “undo the appearance of acne scars while the oil-based formula works with my natural sebum to establish an oil-equilibrium.” If you have naturally oily skin, don’t worry. Lizzy notices that the effect is “smooth and silky” rather than greasy. This overnight routine is great for “anyone looking to control acne…just don’t forget SPF” in your morning application.

RMS "Un" Cover-Up Concealer

Our Editors rave about this natural concealer from RMS. This product can be used all over the face for a lightweight foundation, or as a high coverage concealer for redness and dark circles. Beauty guru Victoria Kirby says: “RMS Beauty—which is made with all raw, food-grade and organic ingredients in their natural state—proves you don’t have to sacrifice color payoff and elegant textures for clean, organic formulas.” She loves that the consistency is creamy enough to blend but still opaque and long-lasting. It’s an essential for Editor Katie O’Reilly, who Swears, “if I could only pick a handful of beauty products this would make the cut.” Beth Beauchamp recommends using the accompanying brush for application and mixing with your oil of choice for a tinted moisturizer glow.

Marine Bio-Active Mouthrinse (Green!)

This effective and beautifully-packaged mouth rinse is free of chemicals and packed with healing properties. Not only does it look great and work like a charm, Olas products are “produced and packaged naturally and responsibly,” says Kristiana Tarnuzzer. The brand also makes a bamboo toothbrush that she loves. Check out their line to start swapping out your everyday products with a greener alternative!

Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant

Another standout natural deodorant to add to the round up is this award-winning deodorant stick from the Schmidt’s Naturals line. This product ended Editor Holly Chase Foran‘s search for the perfect natural deodorant. She writes that “for some amazing reason this product works – well and all day. Even the next morning when I wake up I still smell fine!” Put simply: “it’s natural and it works.” This stick is great for a transition from the toxic stuff because “it feels most similar to the commercial deodorants we are all used to, but doesn’t have the nasty aluminum,” says beauty pro and Editor Emily Manatan. She warns that “It won’t keep you from sweating (that’s what the aluminum in other anti-perspirants does), but it definitely keeps you smelling lovely.” Emily recommends the geranium and rose-vanilla scents.

Follain Hand + Body Soap

Another popular green friendly-body wash is the Follain Hand + Body soap. This “gentle” yet “effective” product is a bathroom essential and can be used on the most sensitive skin.  It comes in two scents, Fresh Lavender and Lemongrass, which, Editor Emily Anrow describes as “calming” and “aromatic.”  The greenest part? Reuse the glass container by refilling at any of Follain’s on-site taps.

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream

This moisturizer from Drunk Elephant is chock-full of active ingredients which improve the appearance of skin without being harsh or toxic. Editors Swear that”it’s packed with skin-signaling peptides that reduce wrinkles and tighten and moisturize and non-irritating plant oils to replenish skin.” It’s “for oily/combination skin and a wonder for sensitive skin types,” perfect for “am, pm, and all year round.” Dria Barnes Swears it best, saying that this clean gem “makes you feel like the stuff you were using before is garbage.”

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil

This Egyptian influenced facial oil will leave your skin looking “dewy” and with “less breakouts.”  Not only does it hydrate your skin but it also works to fix your imperfections leaving your skin looking flawless.  This product is mixed with some of the best oils you can find, as well as other certified organic ingredients. Jaime Caldwell Swears, “I use this every night before bed and it has changed my complexion for the better. My skin is brighter and more even, less redness and fewer breakouts.”  Editor Jessica Ventimiglia also Swears that, “The lapis oil is the first thing I reach for after washing my face in the pm and has done an amazing job balancing my skin, getting rid of irritation and inflammation and is really helpful with the occasional zit.”

Seed Phytonutrients Body Cleanser

Editor Lindsay Colameo Swears that “this vegan body cleanser takes feel-good beauty to another level. For starters, the foaming formula is packed with natural seed extracts that feel simply delicious on skin– pampering, whipped, and foamy. It delivers a gentle cleanse without leaving skin stripped and that’s thanks in part to the ingredients which are meticulously sourced from small, family-run organic farms (wholesome, right?). Then there’s the packaging. The plastic bottle uses 60% less plastic than traditional bottles (woop!) and is wrapped in a paper label made from post-consumer cardboard that is mixed with minerals that make it recyclable and ensure it won’t fall apart when it gets wet in the shower. My favorite part–peel off the paper label to reveal a packet of heirloom seeds tucked inside, which you can plant for that gift-that-keeps-on-giving effect.”

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

Clean beauty devotee Tara Foley Swears that this organic cream blush has a “natural look and good color selection. It also has a lot of hydrating and revitalizing ingredients which are certified organic (and not tested on animals!). You can build up the color with either your fingers or a brush, making it easy for anyone to apply.”  This best-seller cream blush is also refillable!

Raw Mānuka Honey 850+ MGO

How’s this for a beauty hack? Jess Peregoy Swears that “this is the most versatile product that might be hiding in your kitchen! This particular manuka is highly anti-bacterial, active, and therapeutic for your skin! It soothes and heals breakouts and act so as a humectant to draw moisture to your skin and rejuvenate. It’s kind of miraculous!”

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream

This super-adorably-named natural deodorant is a good option if you’re thinking of making the switch to natural. Active ingredients, such as baking soda and arrowroot, will guarantee a comfortable and dry experience throughout the day.  Added bonus, they come in glass bottles or biodegradable paper sticks.

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?