City Parenting Swears from City Parent Patrice Poltzer

Have babies but don’t want to leave the city for the suburbs? Citykin founder Patrice Poltzer shares what she swears by as the best baby gear for apartment-dwelling city parents.

Patrice Poltzer is a video content creator and founder of Citykin, an online platform that connects parents around the world who are raising their kids in cities. Citykin lets city parents know that it’s okay and they’re not alone in “stealing all their children’s backyard swing-set dreams in the name of having 56 amazing sushi places one block from home.” It was created in hopes of filling a parenting advice gap with information that acknowledges certain city restrictions such as limited green spaces, navigating the Subway as a new parent, and preparing healthy food in smaller kitchens. Patrice, a mom of two boys, gathered her favorite baby gear items for us, and if there’s anyone who knows the perfect products for wandering the city with littles in tow, it’s her! Check out these functional and compact city-mom approved Swears, which should be at the top of the baby registry list for apartment-dwelling new parents.

Colugo Compact Stroller

“Invented by a dad who was the primary caregiver for his twins and couldn’t understand why stroller prices were basically akin to a second mortgage in some cases, this stroller can fold up overhead on a plane, has a one button collapse, great under storage, and comes in Cameo so LOOKS COOL. I’ve used ALL the umbrellas and this one is a keeper. Not the cheapest, not the most $$, but it hits the boxes that you’d want in a travel umbrella stroller.”

Doona Infant Car Seat

“OK, I’ve never used this, but if I pop out a third I’d get this. This collapses into a carseat which, for city parents, is a Godsend when you’re in and out of cabs, Ubers, subways and you don’t want another thing to have to fold into the trunk (stroller frames.)”

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

“We got this in 2013 when we had our first and it’s still kicking in 2019. We don’t use it as much anymore, but this stroller is worth the money. For years it was basically our suburban minivan and stroller. Great for kid carting, grocery shopping and a seat for mom (yes I have sat in this seat at times in various incidents). We also used it as a double on occasion when my toddler would ride in the UNDER STORAGE (probably not what the company intended but it worked for us)!”

Nesting Days Baby Carrier

“Think if Spanx met a baby carrier and THIS is it. It’s genius and one of the most underrated products on the baby market. It’s like one giant piece of spandex that becomes a baby carrier and is the only thing I used in the early days of baby wearing. And since city living and baby wearing are basically synonymous, this is the ultimate city product.”

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier

“This is the carrier that I went to after Nesting Days. It really is the best and it now has a front zip pocket so you can stick a key, phone, and small wallet into the front bit and you’re ALMOST hands free (die diaper bag!)”

Minimeis G3 - A Carrier that Benefits the Whole Family

“This is a such a cool product invented by a bunch of Nordic dads. You know how you put your kid on your shoulders and you have to have both hands holding them….well not anymore! This is basically like a chair on your shoulders and all of a sudden you can put your kid on your shoulders, but now you have both hands free. The Euro dads know what’s up!”

The Tag*a*Long Stroller Handle

“Think of this as the product you didn’t know you needed. My oldest likes to hold onto the stroller while he scoots and I ‘drag him’ along. Fun for him, but sometimes annoying as it’s like a quad workout when I didn’t really want one and his wheel always hits the stroller wheel. This solves a lot of those issues. He can hold onto the stroller (doesn’t seem as heavy when he’s not leaning on the bar) and it keeps him away from the wheel. It’s also like an extra hook or hand if your little one wants to walk and ‘hold your hand,’ which can be hard when you’re also pushing a stroller.”

Allyoos - A Quick Clean

“These. Products. As someone who gives zero Fs about her hair until I woke up one day and thought, ‘wow, it looks dull and not as thick and what happened to my waves!?!’, these two products have changed the game for me. I don’t know what is in these (well you can look it up) but the quick clean is basically dry shampoo but better. Sounds weird, I know, because you have to wet your hair, but your hair air dries as if you’ve been on a salty beach all day but is clean. As a business owner and a mom, I ain’t got time to make my hair nice. This helps.”

Nyakio Marula & Neroli Brightening Oil

“I got one of these Nyakio face oils in a gift bag last year and I’m obsessed. Being in the city, I’m conscious of not only sun, but also pollution, dirt, construction, ALL THE THINGS. I put this on my face and I swear it makes a difference. Made of all natural oils, I keep it with me in my bag for when I’m going from a co-working space to a work event as it is a good moisturizer before applying makeup. Because we ALL do the double makeup thing sometimes.”

Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe

“Not original but as a city family, this comes everywhere with us. We travel with it too as it can come apart in two pieces and fold down, so it’s actually easy to pack in your suitcase. If you’re in that weird ‘one kid is a bit big for a stroller but still could use one’ phase, the scooter dragging is just what works for us.”

Native Jefferson Kids' Slip On Shoes

“My husband has the same shoes as my kids. I made fun of him for having ‘toddler shoes’ until I found myself ordering the same pair. SIGH. We’re THAT weird matching shoe family. But for the city where you’re walking everywhere, it’s hot, and you can’t care too much about keeping shoes clean, these are a summer Godsend.”

Dumbo House | Membership

“In the city, you’re constantly jockeying for space, an extra closet, a seat on the subway, a place in daycare, quiet, calm. The Dumbo House is one of these perks that I use for my co-working space but also as a weekend hangout spot with my family that does feel a ‘bit special.’ We swim, throw the kids in a kid’s club, have adults-only brunches without needing to get a sitter and my kids love going here. In the chaos of NYC, this is a bit of sanctuary (except when EVERYONE else also wants to go to the rooftop pool); in that case you’re back rubbing elbows. But at least you’re in a pool!”

LoveBubby - J'Adore Mama

“A fellow Brooklyn mom started this adorable, urban teeshirt company and we met her at a street fair. She has the most clever slogan tees that will have your tiny humans showcasing their activism (eg., ‘little feminist,’ ‘Speaker of the house’) from a young age or just displaying their undying love for mama as I make (I mean, he chooses) my 6-year-old wear his ‘J’adore mama’ tee all the time!”

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

“We don’t have room to mess around with toys that don’t deliver. And these deliver. When space is an issue, you take stock of your inventory and the toys that will really stand the test of time. Magnatiles just do. They’re not the cheapest, but they last through many ages and you can stick them in a bin and store them away for the next kid in line. Win, win and win.”

Pig Beach | Official Website

“If Citykin could come back as a bar and restaurant it would be Pig Beach. They’ve just nailed it. Part outdoor cornhole courts, amazing BBQ, even better frosé, tons of room to run around, chalk for kids, music, massive indoor area and outdoor area — it’s one of the few spots where you will see the cool NY kids happily co-mingling with the families. Can we move here permanently?! Our city family spends a lot of time here as it’s the perfect place to meet people on a revolving door basis and is a good after camp or after school hang.”

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