Cashmiracles! The Best Cashmere Everyyything

I have reached the point in 2020 where I want to quit my life (or, what’s left of it), move to a cheap farm in the middle of Nowheresville and just laze around in cashmere PJs with books, coffee, baking and cuddles on repeat. With the Most Dramatic Season of life in recent memory happening *outside*, sometimes cozy comforts are the only things keeping me sane *inside.* And that, dears, is where cashmere comes in.


Collected from the super-soft undercoats of Kashmir goats, the wool has been beloved in Mongolia and neighboring regions for thousands of years. I myself would like to wear it head-to-do, October through March—and I just might, thanks to these fleecy SwearBy finds.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf

I know this is called a “travel” scarf, but TBH it looks just as tailor-made for a role as a “sofa” scarf. (Which, obviously, should be a real thing that exists.) “I travel A LOT for work and family obligations, so this is one of my travel must have’s!!!” says Andrea Abraham. “It’s warm and cozy for cold flights, yet still chic and complementary to any outfit.” 

The Onesie

“I never owned this while pregnant 8 years ago and regret it. (Hatch didn’t exist back then),” says Brooklyn-based prop stylist Randi Brookman Harris of what is, yes, basically a cashmere onesie for grownups. “But I’ve lived in this onesie every winter for the last 4 years. I have 3 of them on heavy rotation!” She calls it her winter uniform, and says it’s “not the slightest maternity-seeming on a non pregnant bod.” Hm. Worth trying for the words “cashmere onesie” alone.

Uniqlo Cashmere Knitted Beanie

My problem with cashmere is that it often gets too pilly too fast to enjoy for long. (Or maybe I’m just buying the cheap stuff?) This 100% cashmere unisex hat lasts for ages, says Brooklyn artist Naima Green. “It’s cute & warm. I’ve had this beanie for 3 winters and it still looks new.” Naima, I think you just did my holiday shopping for me.

Lingua Franca Sweater

Her sweaters are powerful words and phrases to be seen,” says Kelly Zajfen of these cashmere celeb faves, spotted on everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Kristen Bell. “It’s the most comfortable and beautiful piece you will own. You can even customize your own to rock what matters to you!” Did we mention they’re hand-embroidered in New York Cityyyy? I’m sold.

Hi! [Insert waving blonde emoji here] I'm a Colorado-based freelance writer, and I'm Niles Crane-level picky about everyyyyything.