What I Swear By to Boost Career Confidence

I want to feel confident at work in front of a crowd or with clients and colleagues. Who doesn't? Confidence is an energy that can be witnessed, felt and shared! That powerful feeling helps you grow at work to get that promotion, launch your business or expand your self worth. As a career coach, I often ask my clients what they can do to boost their day to day confidence so they show up to networking events or industry conferences with a halo that cannot be missed. It might be a lucky key chain, a hair spray, an eye shadow or the pep talk you give yourself in the mirror before the day begins. Here are my faves that help me boost myself!

Rent the Runway Unlimited Plan

I often present at various large conferences or at meetings. Standing out, being confident and being on trend is important. However, I use Rent the Runway Unlimited to mix up my work and play waredrobe without spending $$$ on a new blazer or a top that is only trendy for one season. I can take the fashion risks with low cost and feel great.

Lune+Aster Vitamin C+E Lip Gloss

This is the best Gluten-free, vegan and paraben-free lip gloss! I have several colors and always get asked what I’m wearing!

Kopari Coconut Deodorant

Nerves don’t break down this deodorant. This is the first non toxic deodorant that lasts, smells good and does not give me any allergic reaction. I love love love this product!

You Are a Badass Book

I recommend this book to every woman I know! It’s so powerful I’ve read it 3 times. I have it on audible and on my kindle with many many book marks.

Practice You: A Journal by Elena Brower

A gorgeous journal, no pressure to fill it out but it’s so pretty you want to. I use it when I am traveling and have time to connect to what I want in life and at work. It’s all connected.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations by Oprah on Apple Podcasts

Inspiration, trends, interview and small talk starters all start with podcasts for me. Ms. Oprah brings all the goodness in her Podcast. Check out your fave guests and authors or dabble into new territory with her all star cast of guests. I always download a few before a long flight!

Rock Your Bliss 7 Weeks to Bliss

Jacki and MaryBeth are wonderful coaches, leaders, and authentic community builders! It’s a must do to stay on tract, get clear and motivate towards what you want.

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