Candy Artist Robyn Davidson’s Sweet Swears for Girls on the Go

Robyn Davidson always had a flair for the whimsical, not to mention a wicked sweet tooth. After years spent in fashion and brand marketing, Robyn got the idea to create a frame-able art piece using real candy. “I wanted candy on my walls,” she says, “but I wanted to find a way to make it look and feel like real artwork.” Robyn’s very first piece was made with Dubble Bubble, the nostalgic bubble gum classic. That original artwork turned out better than even she could have expected, and although Robyn confesses that she had “no intentions of starting a business” around the idea, her entrepreneurial streak quickly kicked in once friends started requesting their own candy commissions, paired with cheeky sayings like “Addictive Personality” and “Life is Sweet.” Today, she is the owner of By Robyn Blair, creating highly sought-after (and highly Instagrammable) candy-themed art pieces for clients worldwide. While some artists may suffer for their craft, Robyn’s personality is just as bright and fun as her sweet creations. She believes that one should surround themselves with the things that make them happy, and her home is a candy-lover’s dream, filled with smile-inducing touches like decorative gummy bear statues and crystal bowls stocked with Bubble Tape. She’s commuting constantly around NYC, bouncing between home to studio to client meetings, and her fast pace hasn’t taken away any of that optimistic sparkle. Maybe it’s the sugar high. Maybe it’s the cool stuff she has in her bag. Here, Robyn shares some sweet Swears for a city girl on the go.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Stoney Clover Lane Clear Pouch

I first learned about this brand when the sisters behind it bought pieces from me. I went to visit their showroom and I bought a toiletry bag, and then I bought this one to store all of my little trinkets inside my handbag every day. You can customize the bag with adorable patches, which makes it fun and uniquely yours.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Matte Perfection Powder Foundation - SEPHORA COLLECTION | Sephora

This product does double duty. One, it’s a mirror, so I can check myself quickly in a cab, and two, it’s a mattefying compact powder that helps even out skin tone and freshen you up when you’re running around. I think it’s amazing, and I keep re-buying it every time.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Haribo Sour Gold-Bears Gummi Candy Bag

Everything Haribo has always been my favorite, and I’m actually obsessed with both the sour and original gummy bears. But the sour ones, I think, are great for being on-the-go when you need a quick candy fix because they have a little bit more sugar on them. The plain ones I usually freeze, and they taste amazing right out of the freezer.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Off My Case Phone Case

I drop my phone all the time, and I swear this case is amazing and so durable. I love that it’s colorful, so when I’m looking for my phone, I can find it quickly. You can customize different colors and words. My dear friend is the owner and also a brilliant interior designer, which is why every single style is so cute. I have like six of them.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Dior Lip Glow

This is Popsicle-flavored and gives your lips a Popsicle tint! I like to dab it on to give a nice raspberry color that’s a little bit sheer without being fully done. I like to layer it with a lip balm.

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Photo

Ray-Ban Metal Round Sunglasses

I’ve tried so many sunglasses, but I always go back to these Ray-Bans. They’re so classic and flattering. I like mine in a more rounded shape, I think it suits my face better.

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