Call it the #TreatYoSelf Christmas: Gifts for YOU

Once you’ve purchased, wrapped and sent off gifts to everyone on your list, it’s time to wow the very best friend a gal could have, the one who will NEVER leave your side: yourself. You work hard, and deserve to play harder (especially after this disastrous year)—with glam jewelry, a cloud-like bed and other totally earned splurges. 

CHANEL Étoile Filante Earrings

Ok, so these 18k Chanel beauties are not cheap. But aren’t you worthy of the very best sparkle? “I mean, can you even?!” says Courtney Bowers. “The shooting star design is more fun than your typical plain diamond earring, but they’re still subtle enough to ensure they’ll be a staple in any wardrobe.” We think Coco would adore them.

Peloton Exercise Bike

It felt like everyone and their mother mocked the Peloton ad when it came out. And while we may not want our husbands, boyfriends and partners to think we’d want this, what’s wrong with gifting it to ourselves? A whopping sixteen SwearBy editors as of press time absolutely love theirs. “I have been spinning for years and now that they have a payment plan I FINALLY got a Peloton bike at home and LOVE it!” says Kristin Peterson Edwards. “It’s the most convenient workout, and you can ride in classes from the comfort of your own home OR ride through Paris in the morning OR watch Netflix.” Jessica Karle called it life-changing, especially when it comes to motivating to work out at home. “The classes are all filmed live in their NY studio so you still get the quality content and vibes of being in class. I think they’re just as hard as Soul Cycle or Flywheel classes and it allows you to work out on your own time. Pro-tip: Turn out the lights in your room and light a candle to simulate studio vibes.” 

Mauviel Copper Cookware Set

Why do the words “Made in France” make me instantly want the item in question? That counts doubly so for kitchenware, presumably because I start to imagine Julia Child gallivanting across the country. So when I spotted this copper and steel cookware collection on SwearBy, you can bet my jaw dropped. “I always thought to myself  ‘I’m gonna have a house in the south of France, with a big bright kitchen full of copper cookware and windows that open up to the lavender fields outside the house,’ says Natasha Nyanin. “I don’t have a house in the south of France yet, but at least I’ve started moving closer to that dream! Copper has a great functionality as well: it’s an amazing conductor of heat and it’s generally better than any other cookware I’ve ever used.” Yes, it’s a splurge; but unlike that overpriced gown languishing in the back of your closet, think how often you’ll use it. 

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

I’ve recently begun fantasizing about having a very faaaaancy espresso machine on my kitchen counter.  I think it would add some much-needed “go-getter” vibes to my cookspace (not to mention save me a fortune on post-Covid coffee shop runs!). “If you like to make your own espresso or lattes then this is a great machine,” says Melissa Golubski, whose (apparently dream) husband wakes her up with homemade lattes using it. “We’ve had ours for over 3 years and it works great!”

Muji French Feather Duvet

There’s nothing…nothing…like a great night’s sleep. And after all the tossing and turning I did in 2020, I think it’s time to invest in a little dreamland pampering. This duvet, made from French duck feathers, has Yehua Yang feeling “like I’m sleeping surrounded by clouds. It’s not heavy, despite loftiness. I feel like I can sleep in the tundra with this thing.” She bought it when she was living abroad and it’s held up beautifully. “It’s great quality and has not lost feathers/loftiness over the years.” *Adds to cart*

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