Bye Bye Bronchitis! Swears to Beat A Cold, Quickly

I've been battling bronchitis since last week Monday! The key ingredients in getting better have been (1) getting lots of sleep and (2) seeing a doctor who prescribed medicine to help me get better. However, these 5 swears have been clutch during my recovery!

Vicks WarmSteam Vaporizer

If you’re struggling in the winter because the air in your home is too dry, this will fix the issue overnight! It’s also effective for treating congestion due to allergies or a cold! I’ve been “tenting” a bedsheet over myself and the vaporizer and it’s been relieving my symptoms!

Krups Cool Touch 1.5- Liter Heat Protection Electric Kettle

I love this tea kettle because it can boil water in 4 minutes, and most importantly, there is no contact between the hot water and plastic! I also love that the entire kettle is safe to touch even with boiling water inside of it! The kettle and its base is sturdy and well-made.

Sam's Choice Organic Bone Broth- Chicken

I love this bone broth because it’s delicious and comforting- yet healthy at the same time! It has 7g of protein and is only 30 calories per serving. It’s really soothing on a cold day and it invigorates you when you aren’t feeling well!

Equate Non-Drowsy Cold Remedy Zinc Lozenges- 18 Ct

I love these zinc lozenges because they work! I’ve been struggling with bronchitis all week, and one lozenge per night has been reducing my symptoms and congestion significantly. I’m really excited to have found an easy, homeopathic remedy!

NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot

I love this Neti Pot because it effectively helps me to fight back against post nasal drip! In addition to the Neti Pot itself, you get special saline packets. These are great because they are gentle on the nose, unlike regular table salt. If your nose is congested, this will definitely help!

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