Skincare Swears that Won't Break the Bank

Okay, so we all know skincare can get a bit on the expensive side, with one product costing you upward of $50 if you want to go for most of the Sephora brands. So I decided to curate a list of products that I Swear are easy on the wallet and work just as well (and even better than some) high-end products.

Cosrx Triple C Lightning liquid

This is one of the best Vitamin C serums I’ve used. You notice the brightening effect with this almost instantly. I adore this and have gone through two bottles already, as well as gifted one to my mom. And it cost a quarter of what other Vitamin C serums cost on the market.

Atopalm Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum

I started using this eye serum about six months ago and it has been a miracle for the fine lines that had started to appear around my eyes and on my forehead. This is a great value for money as you get a lot in one tube. My skin is very thin and dry and hence prone to signs of aging, which I saw diminish as I use this. It absolutely works wonders and makes the undereye area so smooth that I rarely even have makeup settle in the lines anymore, because there aren’t any!

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

I have never found a toner so gentle and so good to my skin as this one. While using this I never break out, my skin feels nourished and glowy, and it also is super inexpensive.

Heritage Store Rosewater + Glycerin Facial Spray

This is a spray I’ve been using since my mom made it for me when I wasn’t 12. I started using it on my face every night after cleansing as the only step in my skincare routine. It made my dry skin glow, and gave my skin a very smooth texture. Fast forward to now when I found it in spray form, this is so versatile and effective, I use it on my body in winter when no other moisturizer works, on my face when I feel like my skin is dull, dry, and too textured. It works so well that my husband ordered a few bottles of his own for the dryness he was feeling in winter.

boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

This is an amazing product for dry and damaged skin. I used to use this every night and woke up with soft, moisturized skin. I really found out just how amazing it was on vacation with my husband in Bermuda. He fell asleep without sunblock on in the sun and got a horrible burn on most of his arms, chest and legs. For lack of anything to put on it, I immediately found the most gentle and moisturizing thing in my makeup kit, which happened to be the Boscia sleeping mask. Not only did his skin stop burning, but after three applications it almost completely healed. So then I knew this was a miracle product.

dear, Klairs | Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA ++++

This is absolutely fantastic for my skin. I’ve cut down my daily skincare routine to just slapping some of this on and my skin hasn’t been better. It’s been dewy and clear and soft. Plus this has spf 50 so it protects the skin as well. It doesn’t get oily on my skin (I have combo skin) and all I need is some spot concealing and I can look naturally radiant for the rest of the day.

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