Brittany Xavier's Maternity Must-Haves Include Adorable Sour Candies

Being an expectant mother can be overwhelming. Not only are you watching and feeling your body change while growing an actual human being, but you're also in prep mode for when the baby actually does arrive. With so many resources out there letting you know what you'll need for your newborn, we here at Swearby are giving mommas a little something for themselves with maternity must-haves.

You likely know Brittany Xavier thanks to her style blog. The influencer began her career back in 2013, and now, she's 1.7 million Instagram followers deep and has a YouTube channel with nearly 200,000 subscribers. The other thing she has? A baby on the way. We spoke with Xavier — who is pregnant with her second child 14 years after having her first — on what she recommends for moms-to-be as well as what she's been using during her own pregnancy. The key takeaway from the influencer? Be sure to take care of yourself.

"Get your wellness routine down," she tells Swearby, "It’s much harder once the baby is here to actually get yourself into a routine. It’s just a good reminder to keep the mother’s health in mind and how it affects the baby’s health." 

What has Xavier been using to take care of herself during pregnancy? Here are her maternity must-haves from snacks to skin care.

Photo credit: Courtesy of 100% Pure

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

I’ve always used clean skincare even before I found out I was pregnant. I love the True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil. They’re safe for pregnancy. They have this whole ‘Momma Kit’ on their website which has all pregnancy safe items. I’ve been finding different brands that cater to pregnancy which I love.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Herbivore Prism Mask

I still use BHAs and AHAs for my skin because I do feel like I get more breakouts with the hormonal changes happening in my body. I try to be really aware of those and find products that are preventative. My skin care is very simple, too. I’ve been loving the Herbivore Prism Mask. It’s got AHAs, and I use that twice a week. I’ll use my mask twice a week and make sure I layer with oil at night.”

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Evereden Golden Belly Serum

I love the Evereden Golden Belly Serum. It’s so nice for my stomach. I went through the bottle so quickly, though, because I really lather it all in after the shower. It’s really nice, and I love that line. They have stretch mark cream and a whole variation for pregnancy. But I really like the Golden Belly Serum best.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Revolve

GRLFRND Bella Low Rise Boyfriend Jeans

“I have been living in low-rise jeans. Luckily, there have been styles online that I’ve been able to find — particularly ones from GRLFRND Denim. They have baggy low-rise jeans that I got in a few different washes, and they’re so comfortable. The denim is really soft, and if I wasn’t pregnant, they’d be comfortable, but with the pregnancy, it’s just so nice for my stomach.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bumpsuit

Bumpsuit The Legging

“I’ve been really liking Bumpsuit. They have high-waisted workout pants that are good for the bump, and they have them in a shorts version, too. They’re double lined, so they’re supportive.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of SKIMS

SKIMS Maternity Sculpting Short Mid-Thigh

“I really like the SKIMS maternity shapewear. It’s really helped my lower back. It has a little bit more support. I wear them underneath my jeans. It kind of pulls everything together to be more supportive, and it’s supposed to help with varicose veins. I’ve been wearing them every day. I had really bad varicose veins with Jadyn, my daughter, and my doctor recommended wearing preventative shapewear — compression hosiery. I looked online, and SKIMS had them. I would never think to wear them before, but because my doctor said to look into it, they’re great to wear every day. I’m wearing the short versions, too, so it’s not as hot as wearing legging underneath denim.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Alaïa

Alaïa Black Leather Platform Sandal

“Our house is being redone right now, and the whole bottom floor isn’t safe without shoes. Typically, I would wear slippers, but because I’m running up and down those stairs constantly, I’ve been wearing these platforms from Alaïa. They’re really comfortable flip flips, but they don’t look like regular flip flops. They’re comfortable and have more support. I wear them on the weekends, too.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of MedCline

MedCline Shoulder Relief System

“It was really hard for me to get used to using a pregnancy pillow because I’m such a back sleeper. I looked into getting a pregnancy pillow that would keep me on my side, and I use this one from MedCline that has a hole for your arm. When I was sleeping on my side, what I would deal with is my shoulder feeling weird the next morning. This pillow is specifically for pregnancy, and it has that shoulder support. You can put your arm through it, and you’re not pushing on your shoulder throughout the night. My husband loves it, too, actually, so I got him one.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Ritual

Ritual Pre-Natal Vitamins

“I do love my Ritual Prenatal Vitamins. These are really nice, and typically, I’m not a vitamin taker. I found them because my other prenatal vitamin didn’t have iron in it, and I felt more tired. My doctor recommended switching to a prenatal that had iron in it, and I found this one. I really like it because it tastes a little like citrus, and it’s easy to swallow.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of 100% Pure

100% Pure Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath

“I love taking baths at night. I use 100% Pure’s Sea Salt Bath Soap. It smells amazing and is super relaxing. It kind of helps me unwind, and I just put a few spoonfuls in my bath at night. Plus, it’s clean so it’s safe for pregnancy.”

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Annie's Sour Bunny Fruit Snacks

“I’ve been loving sour candy lately which is weird because I never really had candy before. I’m eating pretty healthy with this pregnancy, but in the evening, this is what I want most. So I’ve been eating these sour bunnies from Annie’s. My daughter got them around Easter, and ever since then, I’ve been eating them. They don’t have any food dye and are a little healthier than straight-up sour candy.”