Bridging the Gap: Nathalie Carpenter’s Fertility-Friendly Wellness Swears

After leaving her day job to pursue her own marketing consultancy, Well+Luxe, NYC mom Nathalie Carpenter uncovered her passion for creating conversation surrounding fertility and fertility-related health needs. She recognized a gap in her community when it came to awareness about (in)fertility when she underwent IVF and fertility treatments herself, so she also started a blog called Fertilust to further her passion for promoting the use of healthy, clean products that actually work and don’t disrupt the body's fragile ecosystem. She firmly believes "that what you put on your body matters,” and these 11 fertility-friendly beauty Swears will surely make you think twice about the ingredients in your favorite products and turn you into a wellness advocate yourself.

Pure & Gentle Cleansing Gel

“My favorite summertime cleansing gel that washes away make-up and sunscreen without drying out my skin. It’s also made from high quality ingredients here in the US but formulated to uphold all European standards (so no gross chemicals). LOVE!”

RiseWell Mineral Toothpaste

“Finally a natural toothpaste that actually works but doesn’t need to have a poison control warning on it. This toothpaste is non-endocrine (hormonal) disrupting and cleans & whitens teeth gently. The only toothpaste that I will ever use again.”

Joyous Organics Delightful Deodorant Jar

“I have tried everything and LOVE that this works and I don’t smell like a hippie. Plus I recognize absolutely every single ingredient. This is by far the best, cleanest, and hardest working natural deodorant that I have found.”

Sacred Rose Water

“One word. Obsessed. This rose water smells so good and pure that now it seems like I can smell the additives in everything else that says it’s a rose water… It’s a great way to refresh anytime of the day and prep the skin for moisturizing/serums. It just makes me happy!”

Coconut Créme Lotion - THE BODY DELI

“Every time I put on this lotion I feel like I am on vacation… even if only for a few minutes. And it’s important for me to know that this product is so incredibly clean and safe for fertility and life-long health. What you put on your skin matters!”

Max & Me I Am The Light Facial Oil

“This product is clean, has zero endocrine disruptors, feels great and most importantly works. The best serum I have ever tried.”

Alitura Naturals, Organic Facial Moisturizer

“Not only does this product smell good and do the trick to keep my skin moisturized, it is 95% organic and the company is incredibly transparent about its ingredients. No gross endocrine disrupting chemicals here.”

Beauty Chocolates

“Because it’s amazing that eating chocolate actually has health benefits!”

Smoke Perfume Full Moon Rose Body Oil

“I LOVE the way this oil smells and feels on my skin. It’s subtle yet lingers enough to uplift. An easy way to self-care when time is not on your side. I slather this stuff on after a shower or after a day at the beach to keep my headspace there OR after a stressful day to help me forget about it.”

Rocky Mountain Oils

“One of the best aromatherapy products out there. RMO is super pure, smells amazing and the Lavender is my go to when I want to relax and sleep well.”


“This super-clean product makes my hair super strong and shiny. All of the ingredients are ‘living’ and recognizable so it’s a healthy choice for everyone including fertility, postpartum or to support a clean lifestyle. And when I lost hair post-baby, this product was the trick that helped it all grow back.”

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?