Blue-Light Reduction and Reading Glasses to Keep You On-Task

Raise your hand if “eye strain” is all your people are talking about these days (besides the international pandemic and a certain day in November). A few weeks ago my hubs, who has been working horrifyingly long hours at his laptop (thanks, Covid-19!) came home from the office in a tizzy: “I have have have to get blue light glasses.” *He barely talks so didn’t actually say it that way, but his face was that effusive, and Warby Parker’s website answered the call.


Apparently, blue light glasses won’t do your work for you (sigh), but they *will* prevent overtired peepers, at least according to some sources. More importantly: they’ll allow even those of us with 20/20 vision to don otherwise needless face-framing glasses without shame. Here, a few options that SwearBy’s most glamorous four-eyed editors love.

Book Club Eyewear Twelve Hungry Bens Screen Lenses

As a publicist, I spend all day, every day staring at my computer screen,” says Alexis Richards. “I started to notice that on Mondays, after I’d spent a weekend screen-free, I would get terrible migraines within just a few hours of being back at my computer.” Her solution:  The Book Club Eyewear, which makes these glasses from recyclable BPA-free materials. “The brand makes low magnification readers, as well as magnification-free screen lenses, which filter harmful blue light emitted from screens to reduce digital eye strain. I slip these on as soon as I get to the office and don’t take them off until I leave. As a bonus, the lenses don’t look as yellow as other blue light glasses tend to; you’d never know I have 20/20 vision.”

IZIPIZI Anti-Blue Light Glasses

These unisex beauties reportedly block 40% of the blue light that radiates from your i-everything, and come both with and without a prescription. “These glasses filter out a lot of the blue light that emits from my computer screen which I stare at all day at work,” says Lisa Barry. “They really help keep my eyes from being tired and red by the end of every day! And come in a dozen fashionable colors. You can also get them at the MOMA Store.” If that’s not proof of fabulosity, we don’t know what is.

Felix Gray Roebling Glasses

I try to wear these glasses whenever I’m on my computer for extended periods of time (which is A LOT) because they filter blue light and eliminate glare,” says Katie Grossbard of these tortoiseshell-hued lovelies. “They come in the best shapes and colors too!” Did we mention they compliment nearly every face shape? Win-winnnnnn.

Look Optic Liam Frames

Warby Parker broke the glasses-buying mold, and we’re not surprised other outfitters are following their well-heeled footsteps. “Giving Warby Parker a run for its money, Look Optic has readers (as well as sunnies, blue lights, and glasses for kids) for less money,” says Christine Morrison. “Coupled with more style and greater comfort, thanks to their ultra lightweight [frames], your glasses can be more of a fun accessory than a burden.” Morrison is permanently donning the aviator-style Liam frames, “a nod to genius designer Tom Ford.” 

Warby Parker Raider Eyeglasses in Polished Gold for Women

If normcore fashion is your kryptonite, may we introduce these polished gold, vintage-y frames from Warby Parker (which offers blue light-blocking lenses in any of their frames for $50 more). For the uninitiated, Warby Parker will send you five frames of your choice to test for five days before pulling the proverbial trigger, but these particular ones are a fave of singer Michelle Ray. “I have these and they are the perfect added frame to any woman’s collection!” Honestly, when literal rock stars love them, sign me up. 

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