This Old School Powder Will Forever Be My Holy Grail

The smell is what I remember most about my mother's beauty routine. Odd, I know. But I'd see her take a fluffy, white puff, dip it in creamy-colored powder, and blot her face. That's when the smell would rise up from the product's orange-hued cap — the scent a mix of perfume, baby powder, and makeup. It's the same scent I now smell every time I do my own makeup because now, Coty Airspun (and its $5 price tag) will forever be my holy grail powder.

Coty Airspun was the first powder I used at the ripe age of 13. I remember peeling back the plastic that covered the tiny holes which held back the finely milled powder. Then, the same smell from my mom's vanity would take over my own bedroom. Back then, I used the powder, well, liberally. As a young teenager with some serious breakouts and even more serious oil production, I'd pack the powder on not realizing that I looked like Robin Williams' Mrs. Doubtfire when he dunked his face in the pie. Now, however, I know how to use the product properly, and it's the myriad of ways I can manipulate it that make it perfect — even after over 15 years of use and much of my adult life spent as a beauty writer.

During winter, my skin essentially turns into one of those dust-cloud-tumbleweed combinations from the old western films my dad loves. Generally, this means powdering my entire face is a no-go. However, thanks to Airspun's finely milled formulation, I can still use it with a small fluffy brush (seriously, no dense brushes or puffs as they'll pack on more than you want) to lightly set areas that get a bit oily like my nose, chin, and the small space between my brows. For those who are dry year-round, this trick stays true all the time.

Warmer weather, though, is where Airspun really shines, or well, doesn't shine as is the case.

A glance at Amazon reviews of the product, and you'll see over 70,000 four and a half star reviews, with people touting Airspun's setting power. If you want your makeup to not move, this is the stuff for you. While summer might be the time we reach for more glowy products and want a dewier look, it's also the time that makeup can break down the fastest thanks to oil production and sweat. Airspun can handle that. Whether you just want to set certain areas more prone to makeup meltdown — like around your hairline or in your T-zone — or you want your full face locked in, using a bit of powder on a puff or a traditional powder brush will do the trick. However, be sure to do so with a light hand as this stuff can get heavy (as I learned in middle school, or well, looking back on middle school photos).

While I have strayed here and there (hello, to the hype around Laura Mercier's powder), Coty Airspun is always the powder I go back to using. With around a $5 price tag, it's easily accessible at stores like Amazon and CVS. This is my holy grail and will be the setting powder I swear by until the brand stops making it. But thankfully, it's been around since 1935, so that seems unlikely.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Coty Airspun Loose Translucent Powder

Coty Airspun has been my holy grail setting powder since I was 13. Not only does it have a nostalgic quality as both my mom and grandmother used it, but this stuff works. Use it to set strategic areas like your t-zone or go full coverage by baking your undereye or carving out a contour. It truly does it all.