These Satin Pajamas Make Me Feel Super Boujee—and Keep Me Cool In Bed

Pajamas have never been something I’ve splurged on. High school sports T-shirts and cotton polka-dot shorts have always sufficed. At 23, I still wear a pair of lime green pants plastered with red crabs and the phrase, “I’m crabby in the morning,” which I got on an eighth grade field trip to Shedd Aquarium—no joke. 

But when my aunt strutted into my family’s lake house kitchen one morning wearing flowy pants and a matching tank top in luscious navy silk, I looked down at my crab pants, ripped along the waistband and showing over a decade of stains, and promptly decided they just didn’t cut it anymore. I asked my aunt where she got these lavish PJs. Enter the best pajamas I’ve ever owned.

Aside from their obvious superiority to my middle school garb, I’d bet on the PJ Harlow Satin Pajamas against any other sleepwear I’ve tried on, too. The satin fabric is as smooth as butter and the cotton waistband is soft as a baby’s bottom, with drawstrings making for an ultra-comfortable fit. The line includes the same item in shorts, plus a variety of top styles: tank, camisole, and tee.

When I wear this PJ Harlow pajama set, I feel super boujee; Think 13 Going on 30’s Jenna Rink in the cheeky nightgown she wore straight from her bed to her fancy magazine office or Firefly Lane’s Tully Hart sashaying around her penthouse apartment in her endless supply of matching silk pajama sets.

I’ll admit, I slip into these babies earlier than necessary at night and stay in them longer than I should in the mornings. But despite their label as “pajamas”, the PJ Harlow Jolie Pants and tank top make me feel luxurious, sophisticated, and sexy. The sets come in a variety of pretty colors like navy, lavender, sky blue, blush, and silver, to name just a few. 

Perhaps best of all, the satin fabric is cooling on my skin, so I can wear the pants to sleep without overheating, even during hot New York City summer nights. To top it off, while many luxury PJs can cost more than $100, the PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Lounge Pants are just $66, the shorts are $46, and the tops are all under $60. There’s also a nightgown and chemise version, if that’s more your jam.

Below, shop PJ Harlow pajama sets, and you’ll never want to wear your old sleepwear again. (Although, call me sentimental, but I vow to never throw my crab pants away—they’ve lasted this long, so I’m convinced they’ll last for life.) 

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Lounge Pants

Consider these satin lounge pants the bottom half of your new at-home uniform. You’ll look forward to stepping into these silky-smooth pants every night and linger in them as long as you can before changing into real clothes in the morning.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Mikel Satin Sleep Boxers

If you’re an extra-hot sleeper, opt for the shorts version of the lounge pants. They’re just as soft but give your legs more room to breathe in the summer heat.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Anne Satin Sleep Cami Top

With adjustable straps, this loose-fit camisole is made for all-day lounging.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Laura Satin Tank

If spaghetti straps aren’t your thing, pick this tank top (which is just as flowy) instead.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Roxxy Satin Lounge Top

This isn’t your average T-shirt. Nix your tattered sports tees for this satin, scoop-neck tee.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Lindsay Satin Nightgown

Calling all nightgown stans: You’ll feel right at home in this racerback satin nightie.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bare Necessities

PJ Harlow Allie Satin Chemise

If you’re looking for a slightly sexier option, slip into this satin chemise and crawl into bed feeling yourself.