This $14 Pore-Filling Primer Made Me Stop Buying Expensive Alternatives

Hello, my name is Shea, and I have huge pores. No, really, they're large. Unfortunately, they're also genetic, and while you can't actually shrink your pore size, you can make them appear smaller or non-existent. Yes, I make sure my skincare addresses my pores' needs (hello, chemical exfoliants), but when it comes to makeup, I like to hide them as much as possible. Thankfully, I've found a $14 pore-filling primer that does just that.

Thanks to said potholes on my face, I've tried multiple primers to help my foundation go on smoothly. For those where cost isn't a concern, yes, higher-end options work. Benefit's Porefessional had been a go-to of mine for a while, and Smashbox's pore-specific Photo Finish Primer works really well, too. But, makeup and skincare can really add up, and if you're on a budget, shelling out the same amount of money for primer as your foundation can become a burden. It's not that other products don't work because they really, really do, but if you're looking for a primer on a budget, say hello to the NYX Pore-Filling Primer.

pore filling primer

If you've used Benefit's Porefessional in the past, the NYX primer's application will be pretty familiar. The product comes in a plastic squeeze bottle that allows you to control how much product comes out at once. The primer itself has a thicker consistency, but when rubbed or tapped into the skin becomes smooth and silky. Personally, I like to use my fingers to tap and press the primer into my T-zone (where I notice my pores most). Not only does it help to conceal them, but it's also great for preventing oil from coming through and breaking down the makeup around my nose. For the perimeter of my face, I use a hydrating primer that gives my complexion some glow in areas where I don't need pores minimized or oil controlled.  Once applied, I'm ready for foundation. And that's the other thing. I've never found a foundation that didn't pair well with this primer. From sheer coverage options to full coverage, the primer works with it all.

If you're budget-conscious, but really need a primer that delivers, it might be time to try this $14 NYX option instead.

It's good, I swear by it.


Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon

NYX’s pore-filling primer is my go-to when it comes to concealing my pores. Not only does it work well with all types of foundation, but it gives a blurred, smooth finish to the skin and costs just $14!