Gifts That are Worth the Splurge (and Who We're Getting Them For)

The very best things in life are often expensive. And though not all of us are able to drop a huge amount of our hard earned cash on each and every person on our list, these luxurious gift ideas are well worth the money. Below, our SwearBy editors share their favorite luxury items that make for perfect gifts—and the special people in their lives that they're hoping to spoil a little bit this year.

For Mom and Grandma: The Last Line Aquamarine Mini Tennis Bracelet

Super mom and social media maven, Gabby Blitz Rosen, Swears that birthstones of kids and grandkids make the perfect gift for moms and grandmas alike. Gabby explains, I think birthstones of kids (or grandkids) are a great gift for mom or grandma. They’re beautiful, special, and have meaning. I love this as a gift to give or receive :)”

For Your Green-Thumbed Loved One: Dracaena Warneckii Indoor Plant

Your green-thumbed friends and family will love this beautiful indoor plant. “Granted, gifting plants might not be for everyone,” Maria Pedone acknowledges, “but for my mother with a green thumb who has plants older than I am, this is the perfect gift.” However, this also makes a great gift for the new plant parents in your life, too! It is known to “thrive off neglect” — a phrase that is essentially music to the ears of those hoping to get some more greenery into their living space, but have a tendency to kill all their plants.


For Your Sister: Aleksi Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Madeleine Letellier is planning on gifting this extremely cozy blanket to her sister, due to her recent move from sunny California to a frostier Wisconsin, explaining “I think she could use a blanket to curl up with while she grades papers.” The social media manager further explains why blankets are the perfect go to gift, writing, I have always loved gifting blankets to people, because I firmly believe that no one can have too many blankets. They are cozy and soft, and often a little bit more expensive, which means people tend not to buy them for themselves.” 

For the Ladies: Tiffany & Co. T T1 Narrow Hinged Bangle

Tiffany & Co.’s T collection is forever on my wishlist. This new bangle is perfect for that really special someone in your life, whether that’s your mom, your significant other or your sister,” says Courtney Bowers. This luxurious piece of jewelry is a definite splurge, but as Courtney points out, “the chic silhouette is classic enough that it will never truly go out of style and is sure to become an heirloom piece.” 

For Your Husband: BOWMAKERS Perfume

Luke Neville‘s gift for his husband this year is a little luxurious and a proven winner. Luke enthuses that this perfume is his “husbands favorite product. One spritz and he smells incredible all day.” We’re thinking it’s a good year to take a page out of Luke’s book.

For Yourself: AYR The Riser Jean

We love that Kathryn O’Shea-Evans is all about treating herself this year, and we’re planning on following suit. Kathryn’s Christmas gift for herself? These gorgeous jeans. She writes of her first pair: “well, it happened. I fell for an Instagram ad. And boy am I glad I did. These jeans are 1) the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn 2) also the most flattering because they’re made to your exact measurements. Plus, I am realllllly into American-made these days, and they were made in LA. I’ll be buying myself a second pair as my Christmas gift to meeeeee. It’s gonna be a #treatyoself 2021, y’all!”

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?