Best Gifts That are Under $50

Finding the perfect gift while not breaking the bank is a bit of an art form—it's all about finding a supremely awesome gift at a reasonable price point, and trust us when we say that it's a hard mark to hit. We all want to find something meaningful and fun to gift our loved ones, but that does not mean that we have to cringe at the price tag. We've rounded up 7 unique gifts that we know will make a big impression (and leave your wallet happy). Read on for our very favorite affordable finds!

Arctic Twilight Cheese Knives, Set of 3

These gorgeous cheese knives would make the PERFECT hostess gift, or really would make a great gift for anyone who loves cheese (hi it’s me) or wants to fancy up their serveware a little bit. With mother-of-pearl and abalone accents, they feel unique and fancy, while still being affordable.” — Madeleine Letellier

Airportag Luggage Tag Throw Pillow

I was gifted one of these pillows a few years ago and I’m still obsessed with it! I love and miss traveling and every time I see the pillow on my couch I’m remind of all my fun adventures and get excited for the ones to come in the future. There’s an option for basically every airport you can think of and if you can’t find the one you’re looking for you can customize your own. Each pillow is so colorful and adds a nice pop to wherever you choose to place it. This will make such a perfect gift for the travel lovers, frequent flyers, and aviation enthusiasts in your life!” —Mary Deadrick

Kin Euphorias

Kin is revolutionary. It not only has delicious and interesting flavors but it relaxes you in the way that you hope your end of day cocktail or wine would but without the sluggish wake-ups or dehydration. Nothing to regret here.” — Gabrielle Rosen

Standard Baggu

All of my sisters are getting a Baggu in their stocking this Christmas! These bags are perfect to keep in your purse and use for impromptu shopping (or toys/snack/anything). They’re practical, cute and come in every color and pattern you can think of.” —Maria Pedone

Set of 12 Vintage Postcards by EarlyBirdProjects

I received this vintage postcard set from a friend, and it could not have made me happier. These unique, handwritten postcards make amazing pieces to display around the house, add to a scrapbook, or just gaze at and experience the joy of sonder – realizing that everyone around you has their own complicated, full life. This makes such an amazingly personal and unique gift for any family member or friend who is into vintage style or history.” — Brooke Weber

Grosche 6-Cup Stove Top Espresso Maker

In the 3-4 stovetop espresso makers I have had throughout the last 4 years, this is by far the best. It is sturdy, easy to clean and makes a great cup of coffee.” — Luke Neville

Bloomscape Neon Pothos

So I have a handful of plants from Bloomscape, they’re great at identifying what plants will best fit your household and lifestyle. I have this gem that has been going strong for over 6 months and I credit the care card Bloomscape sends with all their plants. This helps me understand how much light, water, and if its pet friendly. My cats eat any and all plants so toxic plants are a no no in our house and extremely important to me when looking for my next plant baby. I also love these come with terra cotta pot — sometimes I don’t have time or material to replant when plants arrive so this is a huge added convenience AND make for great gifts. My friend’s grandpa recently passed away and I sent her a plant for her to take care of in his memory — super thoughtful gift and something she can keep for years to come!” — Caitlin Gutoski

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