Best Gifts for The Men in Your Life

We all love the men in our lives, but let's face it—they are the hardest people to shop for. What is it about shopping for our brothers, boyfriends, husbands, and fathers that is so tricky? The goal is always to get their eyes sparkling with joy as they unwrap what is the perfect present—a scene that is beautiful in theory, but difficult to accomplish in practice. Don't worry—while you've been scratching your heads trying to come up with a creative gift idea that he'll love, we've asked our ever-knowing group of SwearBy editors to come to the rescue and share all their best gifting secrets, so you can be sure he'll really appreciate the presents waiting for him under the tree.

Acorn Men’s Original Moccasins

These slippers are the probably the best thing I have ever gifted my boyfriend. I always try so hard to buy him the most amazing presents, and usually they fall flat for him—he SWEARS he loves whatever I got him, but never actually uses it. These slippers are the exception to that rule. He wears them every day. He’s brought them on trips, even. He’s usually really hard on shoes, but they have lasted him for over two years.” – Madeleine Letellier

Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Card Wallet

I gifted my dad with a Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Card Wallet a few years ago and he still loves it as much as the day he got it! It’s the only wallet he uses now. Not only are these wallets stylish and come in many different designs, they’re sleek and practical for those who don’t like a big, bulky wallet in their pocket. This wallet is a must for the men in your life and will make a perfect gift this holiday season!” — Mary Deadrick

Kennedy Manufacturing K20B All-Purpose Tool Box

My husband’s toolbox is…how do I put this nicely…absolute filth. I think he’s had it since college, and everything in there looks like it went through some kind of dust storm/tornado mashup. So this Christmas, I’m gifting him with what I hope will be an heirloom—an American-made tool box that will be a fresh start. (Yes, this is clearly a gift for me as much as it is a gift for him, but I can’t waaaaaiiiiit).” — Kathryn O’Shea-Evans

Dollar Shave Club Travel Gift Set

My Dad loves these products and it is super easy for him to replenish his order once he’s used his products!” — Luke Neville

Universal Yums

We can all agree that the best part of traveling is exploring grocery stores in other countries. This subscription box brings that experience to your doorstep monthly, with packages full of unique and tasty snacks from all over the world. Each month spotlights a different country and feels like a mini travel experience. The perfect gift for travelers, foodies, and anyone who loves a weirdly flavored bag of chips (aka everyone).” – Liz Deadrick

Birchbox Grooming

The men in your life deserve some pampering too! Gifting a monthly Birchbox Grooming box is a great way for guys to figure out what they like and create a skincare routine that works for them. It’s also a fun way to discover new products and is a great surprise to look forward to every month!” – Courtney Bowers

The Digs Changing Poncho - Heather Grey - Large

This year, my boyfriend has gotten really into surfing—it’s been great! Surfing has provided him some solace in a wacky year full of uncertainty, has gotten us both out of the house (I love to read at the beach while he’s catching waves), and is a great socially distant way of staying active and finding community. At least once a week, he wakes up bright and early and packs the car with his surfboard, wetsuit, and “changing towel” so he can change in and out of his wetsuit in the parking lot right next to the beach (this whole changing towel thing is obviously less than ideal).

This year for the holidays, I’ve been planning on getting him one of these changing robes. Though they are definitely silly looking, I think it’s going to make getting in and out of his wetsuit way easier, make him feel less like a “kook,” and will almost definitely stave off a dressing/undressing mishap.” – Madeleine Letellier

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?