Beauty and the Beach: 9 Products for Your Beauty Beach Bag

Kendra Seale is a global lifestyle marketer with years of experience in beauty and wellness - which makes her just the person we wanted to talk to for help with refining our beauty beach bags. She compiled a list of her favorite beachy-esque products to maintain glowing, moisturized, and healthy skin. Check out Kendra’s profile for more Swears on all things beauty!

OUAI Wave Spray

I love this spray because it smells amazing and it creates a natural hold for beachy waves while still allowing hair to be soft to the touch!

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser

A foaming cleanser is a good option for summer as it doesn’t dry the skin out in the hotter months as it would in the colder months, and it gently cleans away excess oils the skin acquires in the hotter months from the heat, etc. This is a very gentle version of a foam cleanser as I have very sensitive skin which irritates easily.

Caudalie Skin Perfecting Serum

This is a lighter weight serum for the hot months with a mattifying affect which counteracts the sheen of the skin in the heat from oil and sweat.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I swear by this product as it tones my skin immediately after cleansing under other products or sets the layers of skincare and / or makeup I’ve applied. It adds a refreshed feeling and tone to the skin as a touch-up throughout the day or evening.

Cococare® Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

A super rich moisturizing balm for lips and even for the gentlest areas surrounding the eyes.

Cococare® 100% Cocoa Butter Stick

A super rich moisturizing balm in a larger stick for ease in application to areas such as elbow, knees and the soles of the feet.

WelleCo Japanese Green Tea Salt Scrub

In the summer months when we have more harsh exposure to the sun and impurities in the air, this scrub acts as an exfoliator to remove impurities while also providing moisture to the skin. It also has a lasting and lovely scent.

Shiseido SPF 50+ Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin and Children - Ultimate Sun Protection

Great for delicate and sensitive skin types. Lightweight enough that it doesn’t clog pores while protecting the skin.

DR. PEDICURE Foot Exfoliating Peeling Mask

A foot mask which begins working within 1 week of application. Thoroughly peels the entire foot without leaving any dry sections within two weeks of application. Leaves the skin on the feet feeling moisturized, even the roughest parts such as the ball or the foot or the heel.

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?