At-Home Fitness Products That Make Us Excited to Work Out

Whether you made a resolution to work out more in 2021 or you just want to find new ways to get moving, look no further than these at-home fitness products and apps that come well recommended by our SwearBy editors. From gorgeous weights to online yoga classes, here are some Swears that will make you excited to work out again.

Garmin Venu Sq

“I love this Garmin smartwatch because it keeps track of my daily steps, breathing, heart rate, and sleep, and it reminds me to get up and move throughout the day. It also has preloaded workouts to choose from, including running, biking, swimming, yoga, and strength training — so I can easily choose something new each day, depending on my mood. Having the workouts on my watch has held me accountable because it knows if I finish them or not, which has helped me finally get back on track with my fitness goals. Plus, my overall lifestyle habits have been changing for the better since I started using it.” –Rebecca Carhart

Alpine Ubarre

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had to turn their home into their office and their gym. Because of this, the way that my everyday objects look has become even more important, down to my exercise equipment. Thankfully, Equipt makes some of the chicest workout gear ever, including this Ubarre, an 8-pound weight that could totally double as an art piece on my shelves. I absolutely love mine and use it often, and when I’m not, it makes for a beautiful decorative piece.” — Sara Tan

“After months of body weight workouts in my living room, I tried P.volve, a workout program that incorporates resistance training with low-impact, high-intensity movements. Using equipment like the brand’s signature has been a welcome change of pace from standard burpees, push-ups, and squats. And because I have the equipment I need to do the full-body sculpting workouts, I’m even more motivated to press play on P.volve on-demand and live exercise classes.” –Christie Calucchia

Bala Bangles Wearable Weight Set

“Since I moved my workouts from a studio to my small apartment, I’ve been favoring compact equipment that still gets the job done. I love using these ankle and wrist bands to squeeze in a quick arm or glute workout, or for taking my yoga session up a notch. I also wear them while walking the dog or while doing chores around the house for an added burn—without the added time.” –Stephanie Perry

Y7 Online

“One of the things I’ve missed most in the last year have been my in person visits to Y7 yoga classes. Each one is centered around the music of one artist and done in a heated room, so you sweat the entire time and it feels amazing. Since studios are still closed, I’ve been recreating the experience in my own space with Y7 Online and using a few space heaters to take things up a level.” –Jayla Andrulonis

Patagonia Women's Capilene Thermal Weight Bottoms

“My favorite workouts are multi-hour walks around the city—especially since we’ve been cooped up. Bitterly cold winter temperatures can make my excursions miserable, so I asked for these thermal bottoms for Christmas. They perfectly balance warmth and breathability, and are light enough to wear under my leggings—that way I can simply transform my existing collection into winter-ready gear rather than buy new fleece-lined sets. And even if I do sweat (sometimes those walks are strenuous!), these thermals are built with Patagonia’s HeiQ Fresh, which blocks odor-causing microbes. Now my bottom half is toasty warm, I won’t have any excuse not to keep up my walks.” –Katie Macdonald

Bala Power Ring

“Right before weights everywhere sold out I bought myself a pair of Bala Bangles on Amazon. They are very cute colorful 2 pound weights you can wrap around your wrists. But as time went on I really wanted a heavy weight for my at home work outs. Not only was everything sold out but all the weights were really unsightly, and as someone who admittedly cares about how everything looks to a fault, I didn’t want to buy ugly weights that would take up space in my apartment. Enter the Bala power ring. It’s 10 pounds and perfectly shaped to use for a variety of workouts. It’s much better and sleeker than the bulky dumbbell I was already using and it looks like a little statue, so I don’t mind seeing it peeking out of my shelves. Plus, I’ll be the first to admit having cute workout clothing and gear just makes it more compelling to work out! I’d definitely say all of Bala’s products inspire me to do more.” –Tara Gonzalez


“My husband and I share one and it’s so awesome. Fun and energizing workouts from home with great music and awesome instructors. Can fit a workout in before kids get up, after they go to bed, or even when they are just not paying attention. I’ve honestly never liked working out at home before this.”— Vanessa Menton 

We think you deserve to buy only awesome things. We've asked the most discerning women out there to share what they honestly, truly swear by so you can get on with life and find your next favorite product, faster. What do you SwearBy?