What Fitness Pro Astrid Swan Swears By for Healthy Living

Sure, you can call Astrid Swan a “celebrity personal trainer,” but no matter what’s on your business card or paycheck, Astrid’s game to train you. A former model and new mom, Astrid believes that “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” and she’s made it her mission to push people out of their comfort zones to achieve health and happiness. As a young model, Astrid found that a healthy lifestyle rooted in fitness could help her cope with the pressures of a tough industry. “At 14 years old, I learned really quickly that if you didn’t learn how to push back and say no, you could very easily lose yourself and get lost in the mix.” Ultimately, she felt that helping people achieve their goals through fitness was a better use of time than waiting in line for a casting, and she hasn’t looked back.

Now a mom of a baby girl, she’s a go-to source for fitness inspiration that devotees swear by. She worked out her entire pregnancy, which helped with nausea and keeping her sane – and fit. “I treated my daughter’s birth like a hip workout,” Astrid laughs. “I pushed her out after only five contractions!” No surprise, Astrid has pre- and post-natal workouts coming soon. “Being a mom is amazing and I love every second with her, even on the tough days. Self-care Sunday is not what it used to be, and I have to try harder to find time for my workouts, but I can’t imagine my life without her!” Astrid’s fitness advice for new moms getting back into the swing of things (or for anyone who has a longer hill to climb) is not about comparison, but motivation. “With anything in life, you can look at the person next to you and decide whether to be inspired or intimidated. We don’t start off in life walking or running. We trip lots of times before we get it. We all have a skill that we have to work on and nothing comes easy. My advice is to just get started. Just try every day to give it your best. That’s why I’m here, to give you that extra push!”

Here are some of the things that Astrid Swears By in her life to make healthy living a priority.

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Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

“I live for the Burt’s Bees lip balm. It’s always in a pocket, the baby bag, or next to my bed…I have to have it near at all times! Simple ingredients, not fragrant or overpowering, and 100% natural. I‘m an old-school kind of girl, and this always does it for me.”

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Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

“I bring these resistance bands to any workout, even if I take a class somewhere else. Using a resistance band is great for toning, sculpting, and you’ll still get a great burn. I swear, you won’t believe how shaky and on fire your muscles will be! They’re great for quad donkey kicks and keeping the core engaged with low resistance or for your warm-up before you lift or jump into your workout. Really, anyone could benefit from using these the next time you hit the gym, whether you’re a fitness pro or just starting out!”

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Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen

“I love the Everyday Sunscreen from Supergoop!. It’s SPF 50 with full coverage that still feels light. Best of all, it never makes me break out. I like to use a tinted version if I go out to dinner and want to look rested and pretty.”

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Rx Smart Gear Rx Jump Rope

“The RX jump rope is my best friend. I used to be so bad at double-unders. One of my main fitness goals was just to be able to do them well, and this is the rope that I used to achieve that goal and get a great cardio workout without the treadmill. The ‘whip factor’ on this rope is no joke; the quick whip definitely makes you pick up the pace so you don’t get whipped in the shins! Generally, jump roping is a great because it’s a fast way to get your heart rate up, and it can be done anywhere. I’ll incorporate jump roping as a warm-up into dynamic stretching, or I’ll do 20 double-unders and then go into strength and alternate, or 100 jumps and then 15 bench presses and do a circuit. If you can remember your childhood, it’s an exercise you can do!”

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Primal Kitchen Primal Fuel Whey Protein Powder

“I’m not a protein-shake-all-day type by any means, but I’ll mix some of this protein powder with spinach, chia seeds, and cucumbers for something quick that gives me enough energy until I can have a proper meal. It never causes bloating, and it’s so versatile because you can add anything from the kitchen.”

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Knot Out Medium Firm Roller

“This is a great foam roller that fits in my diaper bag for easy travel. I love that this roller gets more to the trigger point than others. This is a gym essential for me because I’m a firm believer that you can’t lift without foam rolling. If you are traveling and sitting for too long, you also need to be foam rolling. It’s really intense but it’s so worth it. It’s like flossing your teeth…when you don’t do it, you get schooled by your dentist. It’s the same thing with your trainer, if you don’t roll out your muscles! You want to take care of your body beyond the workout so it will perform from a solid point of strength.”

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