Apple AirPods Are On Sale for Prime Day

Let's be honest. While exciting, Amazon Prime Day can get a bit overwhelming. All those deals in all those categories can start to run together and make your purchasing decision complicated. Thankfully, Swearby is here to give you the rundown on some of the best options. One of the best bets for Prime Day? Apple AirPods.

Yes, you read that correctly. For Prime Day, Apple AirPods are officially on sale. The original AirPods with a wired charger have been dropped by $31, the wireless charging Airpods see a $50 reduction, and the AirPod Pros see the biggest drop at $52 less than the normal cost.

If you've never tried a pair of wireless headphones or earbuds, Apple AirPods are the gold standard for many. With noise cancellation technology, integration with your cellphone, sweat and water resistance, and general ease of both setup and usage, people love their AirPods.

But if you're still unsure about adding them to your to-buy list for Prime Day, here are some of our editors' thoughts to help you make your decision.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Liza Suloti

“They are a total game-changer. Double-tap the pods and tell them what to do. When I’m at work, I can hook them up to my computer and Facetime, Skype, or make calls with them. When I’m out on the street and carrying a million things, I’m not worried about a cord or anything. It’s so liberating being hands-free. They’re like technology earrings. I love them.” — Liza Suloti

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jamie Grobecker

“I initially didn’t seek these out, but my husband got them for me. I love to walk in the morning. So, if I can walk on the beach, get a few calls done, without wires hanging everywhere, it’s a win for me. I didn’t love using Bluetooth in the car, because, if you have small kids as I do, they’re a part of the whole conversation. Now, these have become an everyday Swear for me, for sure.” — Jamie Grobecker

Photo credit: Courtesy of Barrett Ward/Unsplash

“When I first saw AirPods, I thought they were the strangest looking things. Now, since purchasing them, I can’t imagine going back to regular earphones. Yes, there are other Bluetooth earphones, but nothing like AirPods. They are the easiest way to listen to music without any fuss. You can even just wear one AirPod, and they’re still awesome. FYI: People around you may think you look crazy if they can’t see your AirPods in your ears while talking on the phone, but no wire, no problem!” — Bridget Maresca

Photo credit: Courtesy of Daniel Romero/Unsplash

“Anyone who asks if my AirPods were worth the cost gets an enthusiastic, “Yes!” as their reply. First of all, it solves the issue we previously faced being unable to charge our phone and use our headphones at the same time. Second, it just lets me be very active and mobile while I’m listening to music and on calls. I’m never tied up in a wire or untangling wires in my bag. Worth every dollar, just be careful–these are easy to lose!” — Sarah Berlenbach

Photo credit: Courtesy of Daniel Romero/Unsplash

“I didn’t include this for the sake of being techy, I’m so not! But my phone is where I keep
my meditations. So whether I am in a hotel room or on the plane, I put in my AirPods
and practice my breathing. Ten to twenty minutes a day can do wonders for feeling calm
and centered. It’s the little things like a mindfulness routine and looking at photos of loved ones on my phone from the plane which helps when I’m never in one place for long.” — Dilshad Vadsaria

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jess Bailey/Unsplash

“I was hesitant at first to switch over to the AirPods. Now that I have had them for a few months I can say it is a game-changer. No more tangles or getting the wire stuck on doorknobs. They fit my ear perfectly and I can adjust the touch settings. The charge lasts me a while. My one suggestion would be to regularly clean them at least once or twice a week.” — Dominique Perez