An Evening 'Retreat'

This isn't a retreat to escape from the pressures of life (although that is sometimes very useful). This retreat is intended to help you channel back into yourself. There will be moments of relaxation, discovery and healing. Cleanse the palette and check in with yourself.

Paradise People : Tulum Blanket

I love the look and feel of this cozy blanket.

Rituals Incense : Palo Santo Incense Sticks

This is great for a change of mood or energy.


Lacy’s work is grounded on her continued dedication and curiosity about our mind and ‘energy.’ Shadow work has always been of interest to me and she took me a step further. I began to recognize beliefs I didn’t realize were there and through her series I was able to help heal and move forward in manifesting The SHIFT.

Bulk Plain Notebooks, Handmade Tiny Pocket Large Journals, Personalized Journal, Mini Diaries, Jotters, Blank Books, Kraft Paper Notebook

Journaling is great to get into your subconscious. I like these because they are simple. I just go through them…

Owner of Mind & Motion, a boutique pilates and wellness studio in Los Angeles. I teach private sessions, small group reformer classes and have recently created a new fitness class called, The SHIFT. The SHIFT combines the structural benefits of pilates with vigorous rhythmic exercises. We find the power in the movements to give more meaning to our fitness experience. I was a former dancer and have my Master's Degree in Kinesiology.