Ain't Nobody Got TIME For That :) - Swears You Can Buy In One Grocery Store Run, Saving You Precious TIME :)

There are only so many hours in the day. With multiple kids and daily obligations I want to get the most out of my grocery store runs. These product swears span very different categories but can be picked up at the same place. Whole Foods, as well as my neighborhood health food store carry these products, making my self imposed limit of 1 grocery store run a week a very reachable goal. It's all about one-stop-shop. I used to run around to several stores in one day, until I found products I can trust all in one place. 'Cause ain't nobody got time for that! :)

Natural Vitality Natural Calm

One serving of Calm in warm, hot, or cold water makes me feel completely relaxed and at ease. As I become more and more disgusted with the healthcare system, (prescription drug industry in particular) It’s nice to find a product that can achieve anti-stress naturally. It really works!

PartySmart | For A Better Morning

Don’t want to sound like a lush…far from that! But I am a lady who likes a very very good time, usually ending in a crazy dance night! This product is a must, who wouldn’t want to metabolize alcohol better and faster, especially when you have 3 kids to tend to by 7am sharp! I know the difference in a night when I’ve partied smart, and a night when I haven’t. I’m no doctor but I can tell you this works wonders for me.

Pact Comfy Clothing made with Organic Cotton

I’m letting y’all all up in my personal space…but as I become a woman of a certain age I’ve really started to need comfortable undergarments. This brand makes organic cotton socks and undies that I love! Super comfortable and stylish too! I’m starting to notice a theme 🙂

Alba Botanica® | Alba Botanica Skin & Hair Care

Each Summer the kids and I spend full days on the beach; I’m raising 3 first generation surfers #gromlife We need sun protection that can be used daily, by all of us. I’ve tried EVERYTHING…Alba steals the show, lightweight, smooth, blends into the skin and safe for us and the coral reef. Winner!!!

Oatly Oatmilk

I’m always looking for a variation on a theme. I love to switch it up…in everything! I can’t claim vegan or vegetarian, or any overall food choice for that matter…I might try anything! My diet consist of all things healthful and lots of veggies. I tried this one day, only because it was on sale at Whole Foods, it was love at first sip. It’s light, not made from nuts like other variations, so no nutty flavor. Oatly Blends well with my coffee and it’s free of lots of allergens, so I can offer it to all of my kids friends…no worries!

Yeti Rambler Tumblers

I fill my Yeti 18oz Rambler at any local coffee shop with piping hot coffee in the morning and after a long day of walking the streets of Brooklyn with all 3 kids in tow I can screw open the top and watch the steam come out just as if it were freshly poured. I love that, and never a spill as it’s tossed around all day in my bag…love that even more. Highly recommend, worth every penny!

Diva Cup: Menstrual Cup

This product took some getting used to for me, but once I got the hang of it there was no turning back. I love the no-waste aspect of using a cup. I also love that once it’s in, and you’ve figured it out, you really don’t know it’s there. Thinx panties and the Diva Cup are a match made in heaven. I swear by them both!

Whole Food Protein Bars with Real Ingredients | RXBAR

We all want to give our kids the best food in their lunches each day, but the reality is it needs to be quick and easy. Quick and easy for us in the morning – and quick and easy for them on a short lunch period. Healthy and convenient, perfectly fun packaging and real food – none of the crap. Rx Bars are just what parents need. We use them as a mid-morning snack or as a healthy treat addition in lunch boxes. Most importantly they taste great! I’ve tried the cauliflower cheese cracker snacks that other brands put out (I happen to love them) and that backfired royally! Yummy taste is important to get kids choosing healthy! These bars have it all!

PackIt - Freezable Lunch Bags, Picnic, Wine, Groceries Coolers

I love this product! We have multiple PackIt bags in our kitchen. I no longer have to worry that my kids lunches are overheating in their lockers at school. This bag keeps cool all school-day and eliminates the need for separate ice/cold packs, which run the risk of being thrown out with the lunch garbage. Cools in the freezer overnight and doesn’t lose its cool until well after the kids are home from school. The bags hold up really well; not sure if this is suggested, but I’ve thrown them in the wash…they survived…Love it, I swear!

Pacifica | Natural Makeup, Skincare, & Perfume | 100% Vegan

I am NOT a make-up or perfume girl. I’m just not. But, if a product can make me want to go to Ulta, then by golly it must be AH-MAZING! I’ve tried several Pacifica products and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I especially love the moisturizers! I think it’s the way they use sweet fruit and floral smells that I love the most. Everything smells like a beach in Hawaii! So light natural and free:) No heavy chemical smells. I also love that most of my health food stores carry this brand…I can grab a fresh coconut and a bottle of Indian Coconut Perfume! #multitasking

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