A Mompreneur’s Starter-pack: What Heymama’s Amri Kibbler Swears By

Amri Kibbler is an entrepreneur who knows that every mom is a Wonder Woman. On any given morning, this Brooklyn-based mama is living proof that not all superheroes wear capes, as she manages to squeeze in a meditation, get two littles out the door, and still make it to her first meeting on time. Having worked at major media corporations such as Conde Nast and Hearst, Amri knows a thing or two about creating compelling content, and she felt that busy working moms like herself were being underserved. So, she teamed up with her bestie Katya Libin to found Heymama, a community where entrepreneurial and business-minded moms can connect, share, and grow together.

The philosophy behind Heymama was to create “a membership community for unstoppable mothers in business,” and this “ecosystem of women” isn’t about competition or perfection, but rather a network of mothers “who are in it to support and uplift each other through business and life challenges.” The Heymama platform connects women to the business resources that you can’t learn in B-school and the mom advice that only fellow moms can provide. Amri can attest---from the birth of her own kids to the birth of Heymama---that “no one has it all figured out, not one single person,” and we could all use a little support.

Amri says that one of the bonuses of entrepreneurial life is that she can her husband “have been able to craft the life that we want to live.” With her “teeny weeny” 13-inch Macbook always in tow, Amri is able to work from anywhere and blur the lines between work and family travel. “Obviously, it comes with compromises, having to work in all those different situations, but it makes you focus and figure out how to be efficient and get shit done.” Together, Amri’s Swears are her quick guide to managing a mompreneurial life. Whether it’s poolside with the family or in her cozy Williamsburg home, Amri’s mastered the challenge of making the world your office and balancing a dynamic work schedule amidst the unpredictability of being a mother of two. Read on to discover the products and services that keep Amri productive, relaxed, and polished through the trickiest moments.

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Goldno.8 Crossbody Phone Case

“I have this accessory with me all the time. Since it neatly organizes my credit cards with my phone, I know I only need to grab one thing when I rush out the door. The strap makes it super easy to carry around when we’re hosting an event and I need to be sure to post on social media.”

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Davines MINU Conditioner

“I have a lot of hair but its fine and can get easily weighed down by a heavy conditioner, so this light product for colored hair is my fave.”

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Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray

“As a mom always on the go, a hand sanitizer is a must. I travel with the kids a lot and, well, planes are gross, right? But I don’t want to expose my little people to harmful chemicals or overly smelly products, either. This spray is made of the good stuff, smells great, and the spray doesn’t glob out all over the place and stain your silk dress!!”

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Anine Bing Savage Rose Perfume Oil

“I am NOT a perfume girl but I need this product in my bag at all times. The rose scent is fresh and not too overpowering, but people always ask me what I’m wearing. Also, the roll-on application is easy and a perfect quick pick-me-up post-flight!”

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Nyakio Baobab Lip Balm

“I actually use so many of Nyakio’s products because I love the ingredients and also the moisturizing benefits. This lip balm lives in my bag and I have another in my desk drawer. It’s an absolute must have at all times for me, especially when I travel.”

Glosslab Membership

“With Glosslab’s unlimited mani/pedi membership, I can get a mani and pedi done at the same time in 30 minutes, and they last and last…I’ve been able to go two weeks without a single chip! It’s gold for a busy working mom. It’s also a great place to catch up. At HeyMama, we like to do meetings over manis instead of coffee.”

Rob Peetoom Williamsburg

“This zen oasis of a salon just opened below the HeyMama office and we can’t get enough!! The team is beyond nice and they are so family friendly. You can bring your little one on a Saturday while getting a cut, which is a game changer!”


“For $75 a month, you can receive unlimited acupuncture in a spa-like chic and minimal space. Done and done. Destress, reset, move on.”

Native Deodorant

“I’ve been on the search for a natural deodorant that works since forever, and this is my all-time top choice. It’s not sticky , smells great and really stops sweating!”

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