A Creative Mama's Guide to Keeping House

I feel weird saying that I am AN EXPERT in beauty or wellness or baby... I am no expert, but there are things that I love... as a mom, business owner and writer/actor I am a big believer in "what's the bottom line?" And these products are certainly my bottom line. I love 'em, I know 'em, I trust 'em. Some of them keep me looking and feeling my best, while others help simplify my life and keep me sane. And I am passing them on to you—so please use them in good health.

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

I have used this bad boy since high school and it has never failed me. I especially appreciate it during the depths of winter when I look like the crypt keeper.

Cozys Pajama Sets

The softest, comfiest pajamas in the game. My daughter Goldie loves them. Well, to be fair, she doesn’t talk so I don’t want to put words in her mouth but I assume she loves them. She’d be a fool not to.

Dyson V6 Trigger Origin Handheld Vacuum

You need this, it has basically eliminated me grabbing my big, hefty vacuum from the closet. This scoops up everything, which is especially helpful when my 11 month old charmingly hurls PIECES of avocado on the floor.

No.6 Shearling Clog Boot

Yes, these aren’t cheap. However I bought my first pair six years ago and they literally look and feel brand new. These shoes will stay with you forever and if you get the one with the higher heel, it will make you feel a little dressed up during the winter and give you a little height, which is nice for those 5’0 gals like myself. You will feel like a chic art school teacher, I promise.

Modern-Twist Silicone Placemat

Actually angry I didn’t discover these years ago. Gone are the days of washing your placemats. Use this, wipe them after you’re done and pull them back out when you want to use them again. They are easy to use, not offensive to look at and keep your table clean. What are you waiting for?

Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream - Drunk Elephant

I am obsessed with this moisturizer. Keep in mind I have zero patience to wash my face and apply a thousand serums at night, so this keeps my routine quick and fast and makes me feel all lubed up. It’s thick, so don’t be grossed out by that.

I am a native New Yorker and the Co-Founder of the contemporary neon design studio, NAME GLO. In addition, I am a writer and actor and a mama of a lil' baby girl. My partner and I created NAME GLO because we shared a mindset of making neon accessible and digestible to individuals (and not just retail spaces and corporations), without exorbitant price points. I am a busy gal, so everything I love and "swear by" is quick and do-able and helps me remain as stress free as possible (which is hilarious, as I am always stressed). I am no expert, but when I love a product, I love it wholeheartedly.