A Broke Girl's Guide to Curls that Last

My hair is slippery and pin-straight, which means that oh-so-popular effortless beach wave look actually takes a ton of effort and a few products to help out, but I don't want to spend the money on top-of-the-line haircare. To get waves and curls that'll actually hold throughout the day, I start out by spraying Not Your Mother's dry shampoo around my roots and part while I'm doing my makeup so it has time to set in and absorb any oils before I start styling. I always use my trusty Hot Tools 1in iron and hold it upside down with the clip out of the way to get the most natural looking result. I finish with dove hairspray to hold everything together. If I want to extend my style for the next day, I sleep with my hair in a loose pony held by a spiral hair tie to keep my curls from getting frizzy.

Not Your Mother's Naturals Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I refuse to wash my hair daily, because my hair gets too tangled and too damaged/dried out on the ends, but by the end of the second day, my thin blonde hair definitely gets visibly greasy, so dry shampoo is a necessity. What I love about this stuff is that the bottle is much larger than most dry shampoos that run around the same price, and this stuff smells SO NICE. It’s super effective, but doesn’t make my hair feel stiff or not-soft like a lot of others do.

Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Iron

I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on hair tools, but have also fallen victim to some crappy inconsistent bargain brands in the past, so I was so impressed by this one! My hair is naturally pin straight and pretty slippery/silky, so getting curls to hold is a challenge, but with this tool, I’ve been able to wear curls two days in a row sometimes. It’s adjustable heat, and the 1in. size is perfect for getting a good mix between looser waves and more structured curls. I hold the barrel upside down and hold the clip back to get more of a wand feel too when I’m going for a more beachy look. Super versatile and good quality!

Dove Beauty Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray

Anytime I spray this around anyone, they’re always shocked by how good and non-hairpray like it smells – seriously, sometimes people think I’m spraying body mist in my hair. It holds my slippery, pin-straight hair better than more expensive brands, and I love that it’s not aerosol.

Invisibobble Hair Tie

I always have one of these on my wrist – literally 24/7. I love that they’re waterproof, gentle on my hair, and I actually find the spirals way better at holding messy buns together than regular hair ties. These don’t give me the dreaded ponytail dent, and they don’t pull on my hair like classic ones always did. Probably never going back.

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