9 Swears to help you keep those 2019 goals

My 2019 goals include staying informed, organized, and fit – these probably mirror many of my other SwearBy editors' goals as well! To help you stay on track and follow through, here are my recommended swears. My first swear that helps keep me informed is the Morning Brew e-newsletter; it gives me quality/un-biased content in a fresh and clever way each morning and I have loved reading it each day. To keep me organized, I have several products/apps I use. To keep my finances in check, I use Mint by Intuit to clearly see my transactions, create budgets, and stay on top of my bills. To have a little extra money to stick into my savings and manage in my Mint app, I use Persky to earn points redeemable for gift cards quickly and easily. To keep my work and personal life organized, I swear by my Fringe Studio notebook (which I personally use for bullet journaling) and my Kate Spade Day planner; both are beautiful products that make me excited to be productive and make plans. And finally, to stay fit, I swear by my favorite gear: my Adidas Alphabounce sneakers, my FitBit versa to remind me when to workout/track my workouts, and I always stay hydrated with either my s'well bottle or my nalgene. Read below to get more detail on each of my favorite swears that I hope help you ring in the New Year and stick to your goals!

Morning Brew Email Newsletter

The Morning Brew is great. I really like to stay “in-the-know” about things from business to government news, and also hear about cool startups. The Morning Brew tells me about this and more, and does so in a very digestible and relatable way. They make the news fun and explain the meaning behind today’s top stories/why you should care, and throw in several references throughout the e-newsletter (lots of GOT and other pop culture refs 😉 ). It’s a great way to get a quick daily dose of news that really seems unbiased.


I was looking for a legit way to easily earn some extra money, and this app was my solution. In return for answering some quick questions about your habits (shopping, sleeping, exercise, or anything really), you earn points. 2,500 points gets you a $25 gift card to top brands like amazon, Nike, Nordstrom, even Uber. It’s got a really nice and clean interface. It does take some time to earn a lot of points, as there aren’t always surveys available. But for free money, it’s definitely a great app.

Adidas Women's Alphabounce 1 Sneakers

These shoes are perfect for the gym, for a road run, or if you’re just going for that athleisure look. They’re extremely comfortable and have great support. At UConn, I’d have to walk crazy far to get from class to class, and it was made very clear by the pain in my feet, shins, and back that I needed really supportive shoes. But me being the #styleicon that I am, I needed a shoe that also looked really cool and that I loved. So, not only did I purchase this pair for myself, my awesome boyfriend got me a pair in a super neon green/yellow that ~really~ make a statement. There’s so many colors but each option is great. ONE NOTE: they run big. I got mine a whole half size down, and so did my sister and her boyfriend!

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

I’m always on the move, so having something I could take a quick glance at that showed me everything I needed (time, steps, calories burned, the weather, etc.) was huge. This was a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday ( <3 ) and I've worn it every day since! It's light enough where it doesn't feel clunky, it's sleek and fashionable for me to wear anywhere – from work to hanging out with my friends – or with whatever I want, and it's about half the price of an apple watch. My biggest cons with it are that I can't directly reply to texts with it since I have an iPhone, but other than that it's been a great gift that I love to use.

S'well Water Bottle

I received this water bottle as a company Christmas gift (super awesome, right?!) and have really enjoyed using this! My biggest negative with the bottle is that it’s a bit smaller than my nalgene so it holds less water. *However,* this bottle keeps my drinks SUPER cold, which is really great. Another bonus is that it also keeps drinks hot too! It’s a versatile bottle that has a great appearance, so I definitely recommend.

Nalgene 16 Ounce Narrow Mouth Waterbottle

So I normally swearby the 32oz narrow-mouth Nalgene water bottle, and I would not originally pick this for me because of the size as I try to drink about 64-96oz per day (which is the equivalent of two-to-three 32oz bottles). However, my amazing friends bought me this adorable 16oz bottle to serve as my “backup” water bottle for when I forget my big Nalgene (which happens here and there). Now, I use it for when I don’t want to carry around my big bottle or for car rides. It also has the cutest print on it that always gets compliments!

Mint App

Super easy to use, and I love being able to review each of my transactions at the end of the month. It lets me know when i’m on budget and where I spend the most money. Super easy and intuitive, a great addition for my finances!

kate spade new york Work & Play Weekly Calendar

I’ve been using this product since May and it’s been great! I like that I can fill in my own dates, it’s super dynamic with the sticky note options, and it even has a convenient notepad for just general notes. There’s enough room for me to write my most important meetings and tasks, so I highly recommend. It’s clean, practical, and also really cute!

Fringe Studio Spiral Notebooks

My younger sister purchased this notebook for me as a nice “just because” gift, and mainly for the amazing paper quality. I use it for my bullet journaling and it has been such a nice experience with this journal. It’s large in size with smooth to the touch paper, perfectly paired with a lovely cover design. My notebook was purchased at TJ maxx for under $10, but Fringe Studio sells their journals/notebooks on their website alongside other fun items. A great notebook for writing, bullet journaling, or note taking!

UConn grad, always trying to be expressive and creative in everything I do! I have an amazing family who motivate me every day to push myself to live my best life possible, so a lot of swears are inspired by them.