11 Father's Day Gifts That Are Anything but Basic

We hate to say it, but no dad wants a new tie (or golf balls...or business socks) for Father's Day. But that doesn't mean you can't get something thoughtful and useful. If you’re racking your brain what to get your pops, rack no longer: SwearBy contributors have done the legwork for you, recommending a litany of unexpected presents he’ll actually love. Here's what to gift your dad this Father's Day.

Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain

“Ask anyone in the food world to choose their favorite Bourdain tome, and most will name “Kitchen Confidential.” I’ll tell you mine: “Appetites,” the ultimate cookbook for the basics and all levels of home cooking, delivered with a pinch of irreverence and a whole lot of honesty. The range of topics and stellar copy, co-written by Laurie Woolever, are so entertaining that it’s impossible not to read the whole book front-to-back, even if you’ve never had any interest in Brazilian jiujitsu or whipping up a batch of sarawak laksa paste before.”—Stephanie Breijo

Minimeis G4 Child Shoulder Carrier

This is a such a cool product invented by a bunch of Nordic dads. You know how you put your kid on your shoulders and you have to have both hands holding them….well not anymore! This is basically like a chair on your shoulders and all of a sudden you can put your kid on your shoulders but now you have both hands-free. The Euro dads know what’s up!”—Patrice Poltzer

BJO Charleston SC Beef Jerky Outlet

A great snack – BJO has 100 types of Paleo/Keto-friendly, low carb, and protein high types of jerky. Delicious for Dad – or any jerky lover.”—Kimberly Powell

Champion Men's Reverse Weave® Pullover Hoodie

It’s the perfect hoodie. Don’t argue with me. If you’re dating a guy and he owns this hoodie, steal it immediately. Or buy one yourself I guess. Get the Men’s fit because the Woman’s fit is not as loosey-goosey. Order down a size, they’re big boys. Also, I ordered one of these for every member of my fam for Christmas and I am now my parent’s favorite child and my siblings’ favorite sister, they tell me daily.”—Abby N

Trade Coffee Subscription

Can’t say enough about this subscription service. I love how there’s a matching quiz to help you identify the right coffee for you based on how you make it (Chemex, drip, French press), what you add to your coffee, what you normally like in terms of roast levels, etc. Then, a suggestion is made and you can choose the frequency of how often you want it delivered. The beans are roasted just before shipping, and you can choose whether you prefer whole beans or ground (also dependent on how you make your coffee). The best part, you get to experience new roasters as you go (Trade works with 52 of the nation’s top roasters!!). Plus, the bags are so beautiful making coffee in the morning is pure joy.”—Ananda Eidelstein

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Camping means you always need coffee. After many times trying to make coffee on a grill (It takes way to long) I found having the classic camping stove is perfect. Lightweight and easy to use. Boils water for pasta and coffee. I loveeee mine. The side panels are important, cuts down on the wind, and helps keep the flame going. You’ll understand the first time you have a windy morning and your waiting for coffee.”—Sarah Thornton

Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Machine

I am a coffee snob who had to own an industrial espresso machine because I was too hooked on my own brews to order coffee out (and I indulge in espresso sometimes up to 3x a day…not sorry/not stopping). Devasted to have to leave that behind, along with the ample counter space in my previous California life…, I’ve discovered and fallen for this stovetop espresso machine. Compatible size for my tiny NYC kitchen. Easy to use and way less maintenance. A cheap alternative and brews a stronger cup than my old bar pump machine.”—Anna Elise

Jensen 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

Whether I’m cleaning my home or hosting a group of friends, I pretty much always have this record playing blasting my favorite tunes in the background. This affordable option offers impressive sound quality and continues to work flawlessly even after many years of use. I love that it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move if I want to set it up somewhere else in my home, and unlike other options on the market, this turntable also converts my vintage records to digital copies that I can store on my computer and enjoy on my phone.”—Jessica Leigh Mattern

REI Ruckpack 40 Pack

Used this on my last trip and it went over very well. The number of pockets and locations allow you to store your gear in a variety of locations to make it easier to get at as well as easy to store. The pack itself was quite comfortable and the hidden cover made it great to store in my car on the long drive without the straps getting in the way. The interior of the pack was very spacious and the large zippers made it easy to stuff the pack from the bottom up to ensure everything stayed exactly how I fit it in without getting jostled around during movement.”—Drew Rawitz

Scosche MagicMount Magnetic Phone Mount

“Swearers say this phone mount for the car is “non-negotiable” for navigating while driving. “Easy to use” and “always helpful” by clipping right into the air vent, and it’s a literal “life-saving” gift for any dad on the go.” – Amanda George

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

“A “light and fast read” that’s one part memoir, one part business how-to. Shoe Dog is the story of the founding of the iconic Nike brand and the perseverance of founder Phil Knight. “Peppered with insightful business anecdotes and personal inspiration” that “reinforces the value of tenacity,” it would be a perfect gift for any dad with an entrepreneurial spirit.” –Kate Foster Lengyel 

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