17 Workspace Organization Essentials to Keep Your Home Office Tidy

If your desk is more like Einstein’s (a cluttered mess!) than, say, Monica Geller's would be, join the club. But know you don't have to live with teetering stacks of paper and hoardery drawers forever. We pulled together our top workspace organization tools and furniture to get you into CEO mode, stat. You know what they say: dress your desk for the job you want, not the job you have. 

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

My Jarvis standing desk is my pride and joy. Really, when we moved in was the only piece of furniture I monitored being loaded into the truck. 1.) because I saved up to get this! 2.) this has changed the game on the way I work and feel.

After sitting on flights all week, in cars, over the computer and phones, all I want to do is stand. Humans are not built to sit as long as we do and I know I feel it in my body. Standing at a desk allows me to move freely, I take more breaks which makes me more productive, my posture is better, my muscles less tight- okay, enough selling you on a standing desk because I just think they are the best. This option linked here really is. The quality, durability, sleek design, customization options, and their customer service- its all the highest quality.”—Emma Kate Young

Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen

“I’m a huge believer in To Do lists. I love to make ridiculous looking heart shaped check boxes while listing out even the most mundane of tasks so I feel like I did something even when it’s the bare minimum. But a good To Do list is nothing without a trusty pen and the only one I will accept is Muji’s Gel Ink pens. Whenever I used to use them at the office, at least every other person who saw would comment on how they were the most iconic pens known to man. Now it’s just me and my boyfriend, but even he swoons more over the smooth Muji gel tip than anything I do. Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but this pen keeps me more organized than any planner ever could. Probably because it transforms every piece of paper into something I want to look at and it makes any item on my to-do list look beautiful. Even when it’s something I normally would want to avoid.” –Tara Gonzalez

ban.do's Rough Draft Large Notebook

“No shade to Google Docs, but I’m a huge fan of handwritten to-do lists. While working in the office, I start each morning by writing out the day’s tasks in priority and it gives me a sense of calm to take things on. Since making the transition to working from home, I’ve found a lot of comfort in my daily written list-making as a way to maintain organization and structure. This one from ban.do is my current favorite and has plenty of space between the lines. Plus, starting the workday with a glitter-covered notebook and a little inspo’ on the front never hurts.” –Jayla Andrulonis

Acrylic Storage Drawers

“I use this in every room. For jewelry, for makeup, for pens and misc. stationary. I just like the sleek look it gives. It displays things beautifully as it keeps everything organized. It forces you to keep things neat too since whatever is inside is always on display. I waited for the sale and picked 4 of these up at $10 each. Crazy good sale! I love Muji.”—Veronica Montillano

Marshall Mode Earphones with microphone

“I like to listen to soothing rain or white noise while writing, and no matter if I’m in a buzzing office or my noisy apartment, I rely on these earphones. Marshall is known for its impeccable speaker systems, and the brand’s compact earphones are no different. They deliver rich and balanced sounds and come with four different-sized ear sleeves to ensure a snug fit. I also love that the rubber-coated cord is tangle-resistant and that I can easily control music with a couple of clicks.” –Katie Macdonald

Anthropologie Bamboo Charging Station

“Not only do I love how sleek this bamboo charging station is, but I also like that it has two USB ports so I can charge two devices at once. The removable stand keeps my phone upright so I can read texts as they come in, and the little side tray is perfect for storing small items, which helps keep my workspace clean.” –Rebecca Carhart

Advantus Super Stacker Pencil Box

“Although I spend most of my days on a computer, I still enjoy writing down notes with a pen and a piece of paper. For that reason, I keep a healthy stack of pens, pencils, erasers, and more on my desk at all times. Since stationery can be difficult to organize, I keep all of mine in Super Stacker’s clear pencil box that easily shows its contents. They’re stackable, too, so my desk never looks cluttered despite having multiple of these pencil cases.” –Nina Huang

Honey Can Do Laptop Tray

“This laptop tray keeps my laptop from getting overheated, and lets me sit with it on my lap just about anywhere in my apartment!” –Maya Gandara

AlphaOmega Classic Retro Stripes Laptop Sleeve

“This durable laptop sleeve keeps my laptop safe and scratch-free when I’m on the go, and it gives me a place to stow my computer away when I’m working from home. It’s become part of my daily ritual to start the workday by unzipping this case and to end the workday by zipping it back up again. This has been especially useful in setting boundaries between home and work these past few months because I don’t have room for a traditional home office setup in my tiny New York City apartment.” –Christie Calucchia

Clamp Tray

Clever, beautiful, and witty. I love this set of trays (and everything Present & Correct sells)!”—Tracy Jenkins

Erin Condren LifePlanner

As a mom, wife, and woman with her own business, there are tons of deadlines that are needed to be made. Notes are always great on paper, as well as directions, how-tos, reminders, passwords. Why not keep them all with you in an organized beautiful book.”—Natasha D’Anna

Appointed Writers Set Stationery Gift Set

“While most people rely on planners or calendars to stay on track I’m a big proponent for a plain, lined notebook. Every morning I like to list out my personal goals, work goals, and my schedule for the day so I know what’s ahead. I carry one with me everywhere in case I have a thought or new idea I don’t want to forget, which means they need to be durable. I love that this two-pack of notebooks has a water-resistant cloth cover that effectively resists wear and tear.”  –Stephanie Perry

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse with Quiet-Click Technology

Loud mice drive me crazy. All noises drive me crazy. I’ll admit that I’m the office weirdo who develops a strained relationship with those who make too much noise. Treat yourself or a colleague to this mouse if you’re like me!”—Amy M

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

These are some of the only pens I will use. I write exclusively in cursive so finding a pen with a firm tip that still flows is essential. The black paper mate flair is a classic but the flair pens also come in a variety of other colors, perfect for color-coded note-taking.”—Isabella Southwick

Room & Board Grove Modern Office Armoire

When it’s closed it looks like a dresser or a bar but when you open it, its a secretary desk. This is perfect for small spaces when you want to put away clutter. It can also be used as a bar if you want.”—Amy Saltsman

Day Design Planner

“This little notebook, which I’ve been using everyday for five years, has changed the way I work. I love the way this elegant planner is designed with pages for monthly and weekly planning, plus a detailed page for each day with designated areas for my daily to-do list and my schedule broken down by the hour. It also prompts me to list three priorities for each day, helping me to carve out what tasks require my focus and attention that day. I’ve also found the front section, which packs all sorts of prompts for planning and goal setting to be immensely helpful. Plus, the Day Designer website offers so many more (free!) pages you can add-on to your book, like packing lists, meal planning worksheets, etc.” –Jessica Leigh Mattern

Florentine Stationary

I’ve been on a mission to write a thank you note every day this year (follow along on Instagram at @thankyouyear), and to make the project manageable I have themed my months (friends, neighbors, travel, food…). I recently tackled “books,” and for my favorite writers, I splurged on traditional Florentine stationery, which I bought on Etsy. (I fell in love with this print while studying abroad in Florence.) There’s also a fancy version I love from Crane. These would make special holiday cards, too, as a change from the standard family picture. A PSA for anyone who wants to embark on their own #thankyouyear: Good stationery is nice but definitely not necessary. I picked up a box of 200 American Greetings cards and envelopes in rainbow colors at Target for just $18, and those work just fine.”—Gina Hamadey

Hi! [Insert waving blonde emoji here] I'm a Colorado-based freelance writer, and I'm Niles Crane-level picky about everyyyyything.